Shelter Dog Frozen From Fear – Until THIS Heartwarming Moment!

Join animal advocate Rocky Kanaka on a heartfelt and authentic journey as he visits scared and lonely shelter dogs, armed with nothing but his iPhone and a deep desire to provide comfort and hope. In this unpretentious series, Rocky quietly sits with these homeless dogs, capturing their stories and unique personalities. Through the simplicity of his approach, he aims to shed light on the challenges they face and help them find loving homes. Experience the power of genuine connection and the transformative impact it can have on both humans and animals in this sincere exploration of companionship and second chances.

Marty Needs A Family

Marty was so scared he pancaked to the floor, trying to disappear.

A large, fearful Mastiff mix named Marty was brought in to the shelter, his eyes filled with uncertainty and fear. Rocky tried to comfort him, but Marty’s anxiety was evident. He was hesitant to accept treats, even turning down a tempting hot dog, a testament to the depth of his distress. Yet, as time passed, Marty began to show signs of trust, leaning in for head scratches and responding to the comforting tone of those around him.

Marty was so fearful he wouldn’t even take a treat

A Good Samaritan had found Marty, but little was known about his past. He had no collar or microchip, suggesting he might have been neglected or abandoned. Despite his initial fear, Marty’s interactions with Rocky hinted at a longing for connection and affection. One touching moment saw him nudge Rocky’s hand, seeking the comfort of a gentle touch.

The name “Marty” was chosen for him, a human-like name that might help bring out his buried personality. The consensus was that every Marty known was a good soul, and this Marty was no exception. As he began to relax, the hope was that the name would further help him find his way and embrace his new life.

The shelter staff remain optimistic about Marty’s future, believing that with time, love, and patience, he will find a forever home where he can fully blossom. For now, he’s surrounded by voices reassuring him that he’s loved, safe, and that better days are ahead.

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Redford’s DNA Mystery: Unraveling the Unique Blend

Sitting With Dogs - Redford

Redford, a striking 4-year-old red German Shepherd, has a story that tugs at the heartstrings. Found wandering the streets and subsequently picked up by Animal Control, he was brought to the shelter where his unique all-red coat immediately caught the eye of Rocky.

The Redford’s Backstory

Redford, a once timid and scared dog, underwent a heartwarming transformation at the hands of the dedicated team at Animal Friends of the Valleys. From being startled by the slightest movement, Redford blossomed into a confident and joyful canine, thanks to the love, patience, and consistent training he received. His unique appearance and remarkable turnaround piqued curiosity, leading to the decision to delve into his genetic makeup.

The DNA Reveal

With anticipation in the air, the DNA test results were finally in. Redford’s genetic composition was a delightful surprise: 65% German Shepherd, 18% Australian Cattle Dog, 8% Chow Chow, 5% American Pit Bull Terrier, 2% Shiloh Shepherd Dog, 1% Labrador, and 1% Keeshan. Despite some playful disagreements and banter over the guesses, the results showcased Redford’s rich heritage. Interestingly, the absence of a blue tongue, a characteristic feature of Chow Chows, had earlier led many to dismiss the possibility of him having Chow genes.

Family Ties and Potential Adoption

The DNA test didn’t just stop at revealing Redford’s breed composition. It also provided a potential family tree, tracing back to his great grandparents and even identified 22 of Redford’s relatives, including a probable son named Chip. This newfound information sparked an idea: why not reach out to these identified relatives for potential adoption?

A Plea for Redford’s Forever Home

Sitting With Dogs - Redford

While knowing Redford’s breed composition adds a fun and informative layer to his story, the ultimate goal remains to find him a loving forever home. The team plans to use this information as an added tool for his adoption, hoping that it might intrigue potential adopters. The journey to get Redford adopted is a collective effort, and every share, every mention could be the one that leads him to his new family.

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Champ’s Journey: From Shelter to Forever Home

Amidst the hustle and bustle of the shelter, a 2 ½ year old male Boxer named Champ stood out, not just for his infectious energy but also for the story that brought him there. Found wandering near a golf club by a good samaritan, Champ was safely ushered into the care of Animal Friends of the Valleys. While the shelter managed to get in touch with his owners, days passed without them coming to claim this vivacious canine.

When I arrived back at the shelter, I was super excited to see Champ. Having been on my mind since last week, I really wanted to see him especially because his family hadn’t shown up for him. The question lingered: Why hadn’t they come for him immediately? Was it indifference, inability, or something else? Regardless of the reason, Champ’s wagging tail and energetic demeanor were a warm welcome. Despite his boundless energy, with a little playtime and patience, the loving and playful side of this boxer shone through.

The Waiting Game: Will Champ Find a Home?

As the day neared its end, the hope for Champ’s adoption hung in the balance. With a “hold” sticker on his folder, indicating a potential adopter’s interest, the wait was agonizing. Each passing minute felt like an eternity, with only 28 minutes left for the potential new family to show up. The desire was simple: for Champ to find a family that truly wanted and loved him. As the clock ticked down, with just three minutes to spare, a glimmer of hope appeared.

A Last-Minute Miracle: Champ’s New Beginning

In a twist of fate, with only moments left, the individual interested in adopting Champ arrived. The joy and relief were overwhelming. Champ, now renamed Romeo, was finally going to a loving home. The name “Romeo” seemed fitting, a testament to the love and new beginnings awaiting him. The adopter’s decision to take Romeo home was also a healing journey, helping to mend the heartache of losing a beloved boxer six months prior.

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Needs Forever Home

Upon entering the shelter, the sight of a nervous 1 ½ year-old male Belgian Malinois mix named Ramses immediately tugs at the heartstrings. Mel, the shelter’s dedicated groomer, notices his discomfort and decides to give him a much-needed grooming session. Ramses’ eyes, filled with uncertainty and fear, reveal a story of neglect and hardship. His unkempt and coarse fur, coupled with his underweight frame, paints a picture of a dog who has faced challenges.

The Transformation Begins

Mel’s gentle touch and expertise come into play as she begins the grooming process. The bath, infused with oatmeal, aloe, and coconut, promises to moisturize and soothe Ramses’ coarse fur. As the water cascades over him, there are moments of fear, but also glimpses of trust.

Quiet Ears For Dogs

The drying process, though initially daunting for Ramses, becomes more manageable with Mel’s patience and the use of special quiet ears so the noise isn’t as loud. As the grooming session progresses, the bond between Mel and Ramses strengthens, and his trust in her becomes evident.

Moments of Connection

His thin frame, hidden beneath his now-glossy fur, is a testament to the hardships he has endured. Yet, in the midst of it all, Ramses’ gentle nature shines through. His trust, evident in the way he seeks comfort and affection, is a testament to the resilience of his spirit. These moments of connection, where Ramses feels safe and loved, are a balm to his soul.

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Harrison, 14 Year Old Dog Needs A Forever Home

This senior Chihuahua is estimated to be around 14-years-old! He came in as a stray after being found wandering around alone on a Saturday night. Not much is known about this guy, but Rocky sits with him as being a senior in the shelter is not easy. He asks for his audience on Facebook live for name ideas, and they land on the name Harrison.

A Heartfelt Encounter

Upon spotting this senior dog in the yard, a deep sense of empathy and curiosity led me to spend some time with him. The sight of this elderly dog, seemingly abandoned and lost, raises questions about his past. Was he discarded because of his age? Or did he accidentally wander away from a loving home? Regardless of the circumstances, Harrison’s gentle demeanor and need for affection are evident.

I just don’t understand it. I don’t know if people just get annoyed with their old dog or think that if he comes to the shelter, that they’ll take care of him. Maybe they think he’s a nuisance…and you’re not buddy

Rocky Kanaka, Pet Rescue Advocate

Piecing Together Harrison’s Story

Harrison’s past remains a mystery. Found wandering by a kind-hearted Samaritan, this 14-year-old stray’s journey is puzzling. Given his age and limited mobility, it’s hard to imagine him straying too far from home. Yet, he arrived at the shelter nameless, with no clues pointing to his previous life. The possibility of a family searching for him remains, but the circumstances of his arrival suggest otherwise.

The Beauty of Adopting Senior Dogs

While senior dogs like Harrison might require special care, they offer a unique kind of companionship. Their calm demeanor and life experiences make them perfect companions for those willing to open their hearts. Adopting a senior dog isn’t just about providing a home; it’s about giving them a chance to experience love, warmth, and comfort in their twilight years. It’s a selfless act that rewards both the dog and the adopter with unconditional love.

Finding the Perfect Name

As discussions about choosing the perfect name for this distinguished gentleman ensue, various suggestions come forth. From “Wilbur” and “Red” to “Patrick Stewart” inspired by Star Trek, the quest for the perfect name is both fun and thoughtful. The name “Harrison,” reminiscent of the iconic Harrison Ford, emerges as the favorite. It’s a name that embodies strength, grace, and a timeless charm, much like the dog himself.

Timeless Elegance: 40 Old Man Names For Dogs & Old Lady Names For Dogs

The Quest for Companionship

Harrison’s well-being is paramount. The idea of pairing him with other senior dogs in the shelter is considered, providing him with companions to share his space and experiences. The hope is that the camaraderie will offer comfort and reduce the loneliness he might feel in this new environment.

A Hopeful Future for Harrison

The primary goal now is to find Harrison a forever home. With the power of community and shared stories, the hope is that someone out there will see Harrison’s story and open their home to him. As he settles into his new room with fellow canine companions, there’s a sense of optimism. Harrison’s journey might have had a rocky start, but with love, care, and a bit of luck, his golden years promise to be filled with warmth and affection.

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