Sound Advice: Could Noise Cancelling Headphones For Dogs Help With Anxiety? 

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Online trends like quiet ears for dogs have sparked interest in calming apparel like noise-cancelling headphones for barking dogs, dogs with anxiety, or dogs who are afraid of loud noises. While blocking out the sound of something scary or intense might seem like a natural remedy to your dog’s anxiety or reactivity, this quick fix isn’t quite what it seems. 

Sure, your canine bestie will look pretty cute wearing their dog noise-cancelling headphones, but do these tools help or hurt your dog in the long run? 

Before we talk about the benefits and downsides of using noise cancelling headphones for dogs, let’s look at a quick overview of the four products we’ll feature a little later in this blog. 

ProductBest ForPriceNoise CancellationSizes

Pawnix Noise Cancelling Headphones for Dogs
Easiest To Use + Best Overall ????$199+/- 30 DBLSXS, S, M, L, XL

Mutt Muffs Hearing Protection for Dogs
Best for Working Dogs ????$74+/- 21–24 DBLSXS, S, M, L, XL

Famikako Dog Ear Muffs
Most Durable ????????$70+/- 25 DBLSS, M, L, XL

Happy Hoodie Noise Cancelling Wrap
Best for Grooming ????$13N/AS, L, XL

What are Noise Cancelling Headphones for Dogs? 

Designed to reduce sound in loud or chaotic situations, dog noise-cancelling headphones were first created as a protective device. Working dogs are often required to spend long periods in noisy places, and dog headphones provide both physwww.ical protection to prevent hearing damage, and mental protection to prevent noise fatigue and feelings of overwhelm. 

In recent years, some dog owners have begun to use doggie headphones as a behavioral tool to reduce barking, and theoretically address anxiety related to loud noises like lawnmowers, fireworks, or thunder. 

Using headphones for noise-cancelling for dogs isn’t as straightforward as it may first appear. While the human mind might believe that blocking out sounds would make a dog feel better, the truth is that some dogs find having their hearing blocked extremely anxiety-inducing rather than soothing.

When & Why Should You Use Noise Cancelling Headphones for Dogs? 

Noise-Cancelling Headphones for Dogs

The vast majority of dogs do not need noise cancelling headphones, and may actually become more anxious and reactive when their sense of hearing is cut off. Dogs have a very acute sense of hearing and rely heavily on it to track their surroundings. Imagine having your eyesight cut off, or having your hands tied behind your back in a stressful situation—you would probably feel even more panicked than you ordinarily would. 

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In particular, dog head phones are not a good training tool or correction tool for preventing barking in dogs. If your dog is barking, the best way to address it is through positive reinforcement training and redirection. With this in mind, we will not be covering the best noise cancelling headphones for barking dogs since headphones are not an effective anti-barking tool. 

However, there are a few examples of dogs who enjoy and benefit from wearing noise-cancelling headphones for dogs. Pups with extreme anxiety, working dogs, and dogs who need to wear hearing protection due to injury or sensitivity can benefit from noise-cancelling doggie headphones. 

These dogs are few and far between, so don’t think your dog is strange if it doesn’t calm down after having its ears covered. The vast majority of dogs really don’t like dog earphones or headphones, and instead need environmental noise cancelling for dogs like thick insulation or a room with no windows. 

4 Best Noise-Cancelling Headphones for Dogs Compared

Although noise-cancelling headphones don’t work for every dog, there are some that really enjoy it or need it for their jobs. For those dogs, we’ve found four top-selling noise-cancellation devices designed just for canines. 

1. Easiest To Use & Best Overall: Pawnix Noise-Cancelling Headphones for Dogs

best Noise-Cancelling Headphones for dogs
Source: Pawnix

Our top pick for the best noise cancelling headphones for dogs comes from Pawnix. Pawnix’s noise cancelling headsets are soft, comfortable, and easy to put on even an anxious and wiggly dog. It’s not just us who love these noise cancelling headphones for dogs, Shark Tank execs also loved this idea and helped to catapult Pawnix to the top choice for dog headphones for fireworks, thunderstorms, and more. 

The intelligent design of Pawnix’s over-head noise-cancelling for dogs is soft and plush like a pillow or blanket, and offers both passive and active noise-cancelling. When not paired to a device, Pawnix will block out sound and help keep your pup relaxed. Pair to a BlueTooth device and let your dog listen to music, an audiobook, white noise, or their favorite TV show. 


  • Price: $199
  • Sizes: XS, S, M, L, XL
  • Noise cancellation: +/- 30 DBLS
  • Style: Full head
  • Special features: BlueTooth compatible, can be paired to tablets, phones, and smart home devices

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2. Best for Working Dogs: Mutt Muffs Hearing Protection Headphones for Dogs

best Noise-Cancelling Headphones for dogs
Source: Amazon

If you have a working dog, the best hearing protection you can find for them comes from Mutt Muffs. Also the best noise cancelling headphones for dogs Amazon has to offer, these simple over-the-ear dog earphones designed for use in planes and helicopters, on boats, or near heavy machinery. A dog with headphones like these won’t get the same total noise-cancellation as a full head unit offers, but this variety of doggie headphones isn’t designed to completely block everything out. 

As the frequency/volume of noise gets higher, these headphones become more effective. Quieter noises—like commands from you—may still be able to get through, allowing working dogs to take commands while still being protectected from loud noises. 


  • Price: $74
  • Sizes: XS, S, M, L, XL
  • Noise cancellation: +/- 21–24 DBLS
  • Style: Over-ear
  • Special features: Efficacy goes up as frequency goes up—in other words, these doggie headphones work by blocking out high-frequency noise without entirely blocking out quieter and ambient noise. 
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3. Most Durable: Famikako Dog Ear Muffs


best Noise-Cancelling Headphones for dogs
Source: Amazon

If you have a dog who likes to chew, destroy, gnaw, or otherwise take their anxiety out on inanimate objects, these are the best noise cancelling headphones for their needs. Famikako Dog Ear Muffs are made with military grade elastic, super-hard food-grade ABS plastic, and baby-grade comfort foam that shapes tightly to your dog’s ears without causing discomfort. If your dog manages to take these off, they’ll have a little more trouble destroying them than other options on the market. 

The simple, intuitive design snaps on similar to a dog collar and the Famikako ear muffs can be adjusted on top and bottom to perfect the fit. 


  • Price: $70
  • Sizes: S, M, L, XL
  • Noise cancellation: +/- 25 DBLS
  • Style: Over-ear
  • Special features: Extra-durable construction and materials

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4. Best for Grooming: Happy Hoodie Noise Cancelling Wrap

best Noise-Cancelling Headphones for dogs
Source: Amazon

The Happy Hoodie was created as a noise-cancelling device for dogs at the groomer. The sounds of blow drying, using clippers, or using a nail dremel can be stressful for dogs getting groomed, and extended exposure to loud noises (like the blow dryer) can actually cause hearing damage. The Happy Hoodie holds down the ears and blocks out sound with light compression, but is only recommended for use at the groomers or while you blow dry at home. 

This noise cancelling solution is not powerful enough to block out extra loud noises like fireworks or machinery. 


  • Price: $13
  • Sizes: S, L, XL
  • Style: Full head
  • Special features: Mildly absorbent, may help to dry fur around the dog’s head while you blow dry. 
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FAQs about Noise Canceling Headphones for Dogs

What are noise canceling headphones for dogs and how do they work?

Noise canceling headphones for dogs are designed to reduce unwanted ambient sounds using active noise cancellation technology. They work by producing a sound wave that acts as a counter to loud sounds, effectively canceling them out. This ensures that your dog’s ear canals are protected from high-frequency noise and pitch noises that can be distressing.

How do active noise canceling headphones differ from passive ones for dogs?

Active noise canceling headphones use technology to actively counteract external noises, while passive headphones simply reduce sounds through materials that block out noise. The difference is in how they handle noise: actively and passively. Active headphones use technology to detect and counteract sound waves, while passive ones rely on their material and design to muffle sounds.

Are “mutt muffs” a type of noise canceling headphone for dogs?

Yes, “mutt muffs” are a high-quality type of dog ear protection designed specifically for the unique shape of dog ear canals. While they primarily provide passive noise reduction, they are effective in reducing the noise level from loud sounds like thunderstorms and fireworks.

Can these headphones completely block out all noises, like barking dogs or street sounds?

While noise canceling headphones for dogs are designed to significantly reduce noise levels, they may not completely block out all sounds. Their efficiency depends on the frequency noise and the quality of the headphone. However, they are highly effective in minimizing distressing sounds like barking dogs.

How do noise canceling headphones benefit dogs during thunderstorms and fireworks?

Thunderstorms and fireworks produce loud sounds that can be distressing for dogs. Using dog hearing protection like noise canceling headphones can help reduce their anxiety by lowering the noise level they perceive, making such events less stressful for them.

Are these headphones suitable for all dog breeds?

Most noise canceling headphones are adjustable and designed to fit a variety of dog breeds. However, it’s essential to choose a high-quality product that offers flexibility in size and fit to ensure maximum comfort and efficiency for your dog’s ear canals.

How does the active noise cancellation technology in these headphones handle different types of noises?

Active noise cancellation technology works by detecting external sounds and producing a counteracting sound wave. This means that it’s particularly effective against consistent frequency noises. However, for varied sounds, like human speech or barking dogs, the technology might not cancel out the noise entirely but will significantly reduce the noise level.

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