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Do Dogs Know When You’re Pregnant?

When he started sleeping with his head on her mom's stomach they knew he could sense it! Read more to see if dogs know you are pregnant.

Random Dog Crawls Into Bed With Couple & Cuddles Them All Night Long

No, Nala, you CAN be Too Friendly Overly-friendly pup breaks into Tennessee Home, cuddles unsuspecting homeowner all night. Can you imagine if you woke up in the morning and a dog you had never seen before was lying right next to you? Nala, an exceptionally […]

Struggling Shelters Now Overwhelmed With Pandemic Givebacks

How Dogs Adopted During the Pandemic Are Being Returned And Why It’s A Problem A lot of dogs were adopted for company and affection when people went into lockdown at the beginning of the pandemic. In fact, Americans adopted over 23 million of them. And […]

Beatle and Bunny

This Beagle’s Best Friend Is…A Bunny!

this adorable odd couple walked together, snuggled, and even ate lettuce together. It didn’t matter that one was a rabbit and one was a dog.

Bobo, The Forever Immortal Chihuahua, Turns 23!

Everyone wants to live forever. Longevity in life is one of everyone’s greatest desires, and Bobo, the little Chihuahua that could, has now turned 23. If that wasn’t incredible enough, just like humans might, he now lives in an assisted living community. (But for dogs… […]

Actor Jena Malone Chases Down Dog Abuser, Heroically Rescues Dog

It’s not the usual way a celebrity enters the press, but Jena Malone has no regrets after engaging in what she referred to as a “brawl” after chasing down an alleged dog abuser in Los Angeles on April 5th. Fans of Jena Malone, known for […]

Adorable Video Shows Baby Teaching Dog Sign Language

Sit, stay, sign! Looks like sign language is going to the dogs on the west coast! In early March, Tik Tok user Allyna Safris posted a video to her account @_lynalove13 of her dog Bentley patiently absorbing a sign language lesson from Safris’s one and […]

Fire Dog Talks Woman Off A Ledge

We already know that dogs are amazing animals and are man and woman’s best friend, but it’s still always a real treat to see that concept in action. To that end I bring you Digby The Rescue Dog. This 4-year-old Australian Labrador’s day job is […]

Ukrainian Refugee Turns Around, Goes Back To Save Dogs

Marina says she has plans for both her and her dogs when the war is over. "When we win and the war ends, I first will go to Poland to thank you Polish people who are taking care for my kids,”

Miracle Dog Rescued After 60 Hours In Badger Den

A “miracle” dog is lucky to be alive after being trapped underground for more than 60 hours. Winston, a black cocker spaniel, was having a normal day romping in the woods with his human companions, Heather and Alex Peake, when Winston’s excellent sense of smell […]

Ukrainians Refuse To Abandon Their Pets

Some pet owners have been so loyal to their fur babies that they refuse to leave Ukraine without them. Dogs are, after all, our best friend and, in this way, we humans are returning the favor.
denali gives birth to 11 puppies

Dog in Labor Rescued Just in Time has 11 Puppies! ❤️

I have such a sweet spot for rescuing pregnant moms because you’re saving puppies as well as the mamma. Denali’s story is really touching because she was rescued last minute and was able to give birth in a loving and safe environment while also learning […]

puppy couldn't walk until this happened

Puppy couldn’t walk until this happened

Seeing this little pit bull puppy walk and run now without a wheelchair makes me so happy 😍🐶 Dogs are such an inspiration and Cowboy is proof of that. When you adopt a dog you’re saving a life and in my experience the dogs life […]

Is This The Proof That Dogs are Better Than Cats? 

Probably not, but it is a start! The debate has been raging since the dawn of mankind, since human beings domesticated the first animals and began developing a relationship that would last for eons to come – which pet is better, dogs or cats?  Of […]

“Your Dog Saved Your Life”, Can Dogs Smell Cancer?

“I had heard that dogs could smell cancer so I said to my husband, 'Brian, should I go and get this checked out?’ My dog started sniffing and at that point, I knew I needed to do something about it.”

5 NFL Stars and Their Furry Mates

Just because the vast majority of a Football players’ job is on the gridiron doesn’t mean that a lot of them don’t have their own family members that are furry balls of cuteness! 

Blind & Deaf Senior Dog Protects Lost Toddler for 15 Hours!

Not being able to find a child is every parent’s worst nightmare, so when 3-year-old Aurora of Queensland, Australia disappeared from her home, her family was understandably terrified. 3-Year-Old Gets Lost In Wilderness Aurora had wandered off into the bushland, an enormous expanse of wilderness […]

Incredible Video Shows Service Dog Protecting Mom During A Seizure

In 2001 a woman named Tina started having migraines and seizures at age 23. She went to countless doctors and neurologists hoping to find some medication to help. Sadly, even injections taken regularly didn’t completely stop the seizures.