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May 20, 2024
It Looked Like a Mop on Her Porch, But This Orange, CA Woman Realized It Was a Matted Stray Dog in Need
May 20, 2024
The eyes and physical appearance of Scoobie — a five-and-a-half-year-old Great Dane — speak volumes about the painful, undeserving life he’s been through. 
May 18, 2024
Ren and Stempy are two adorable senior Chihuahua mixes currently in the care of Woofs, Wiggles n Wags animal rescue in Phoenix, Arizona. At nine years old, these boys may […]
May 17, 2024
Explore the heartwarming story of Sister, a blind and deaf shelter dog, as we navigate her challenges, care, and the search for her forever home.
May 16, 2024
These young Labrador Retrievers are just as outgoing and friendly as they appears to be, but when surrendered, his owners requested that he be euthanized. This is their story.
May 16, 2024
Thinking of introducing a new dog to your home? Here are some tips that will help your dog adjust to their new home and adapt to new routines
May 14, 2024
Toto recently joined the crew at this LA animal shelter, but dog groomer Mel made sure she didn’t feel matted, dirty, or left behind.
May 13, 2024
This sweet senior Boxer mix has been waiting patiently for years, but it’s time she find a forever home of her very own. This is Myna!
May 11, 2024
This stray puppy was in desperate need of help, but heroes stepped up when he needed them the most. This is Ryder’s survival story!
May 10, 2024
This black and white puppy is as dapper as can be, but he also used his Southern charm to enchant his rescuers into finding him a home.