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May 18, 2023
Uncover why dogs sleep with their bum facing you from simple comfort to avoiding eye contact. Learn how to make your furry friend feel safe and calm at night!
May 16, 2023
Do dogs like hugs? Discover the truth behind your dog’s secret disdain for your hugs! Unveiling the reasons and expert insights into canine affection preferences.
April 3, 2023
Check out Taylor, the talented Boxador from Morristown, New Jersey, as he fetches the morning paper for his owner! This adorable pup launches out the door with boundless enthusiasm, grabs the paper with remarkable precision, and brings it back to his owner with a wagging tail. And, of course, he knows he’ll get a delicious treat as a reward for his fetching skills. What a good boy!
March 30, 2023
It’s important for us to learn to read and interpret our dogs’ body language so we can better understand their needs.
March 9, 2023
How often does your dog really need to go pee? Is 8 hours too long to hold it? Learn how Long can dogs hold their pee.
October 12, 2022
Why does my dog pee on my bed? That’s something no one wants to have to ask, but we’re here to teach you to keep it from happening again. 
October 11, 2022
Teaching your dog to stay off the couch doesn’t have to be a long, tedious process! Try these six simple tricks to help them learn. 
September 29, 2022
If you’ve been tempted to buy two puppies from the same litter, think again: they could develop littermate syndrome.
dog dogs get tired of barking
June 14, 2022
My dog barks nonstop. It’s annoying and embarrassing. Why doesn’t my dog ever get tired of barking and what can I do to stop the insanity?
Dog and butterflies
May 13, 2022
You may have heard dogs only see in black and white, but that’s not exactly true. Color Blindness in dogs is more complicated than you think!