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February 29, 2024
Gain insights into the intricate dynamics of dog-human relationships. Find out if your dog has imprinted on you with a focus on 3 discernible signs of their affection.
February 24, 2024
It’s been believed that animals can’t experience complex emotions, but a study found that dogs get jealous of their owners when they see them with a rival dog.  
February 18, 2024
Here, we’re counting down the worst dog breeds for apartments based on comments, advice, and the experiences of property managers and apartment renters.
February 13, 2024
Have you ever come home to find your favorite shoes chewed up and your dog giving you those big, sad eyes that scream “I’m sorry”?
January 30, 2024
Can Dogs Really Catch Our Yawns? What Happened When I Tried The Viral Study On my Own Pets?
October 27, 2023
High prey drive in dogs is neither good nor bad, but simply a factor dog owners need to consider when they choose a breed/canine companion. 
September 20, 2023
Make well-informed choices about your dog’s well-being. Explore the numerous advantages of spaying and neutering in our detailed guide, which covers everything from timing to the science behind these essential procedures.
August 25, 2023
Quiet ears as a solution worth barking about? Myko’s Eeyore-themed ears may seem adorable, but uncover why experts caution against this tool’s use
August 25, 2023
Delve into the world of homemade dog training treats through 5 fuss-free recipes, giving your furry friend the best for effective training.
August 24, 2023
In this tutorial, we’ll break down the process into simple steps, guided by expert trainer on how teaching your dog to shake paws.