Did You Know Black and Red German Shepherds Need as Much as 3 Hours of Exercise Every Day!?

German Shepherds are one of the most popular dog breeds in the U.S. and around the world. While you might think a dog with so much popularity would make the perfect pet for lots of different types of people. In reality, the German Shepherd Dog (GSD) is a breed with specific needs that only the most diligent dog owners can fulfill. 

Black and red German Shepherds are no different than their black and tan, white, and even blue German Shepherds, and have the same physical and mental needs. What sets the black and red GSD apart is a beautiful, vibrant, high-contrast coat that almost makes these dogs look like giant foxes. 

Meet 5 Black and Red German Shepherds on Instagram

Black and red German Shepherds are relatively common, so it’s possible you’ve already seen one “in the wild.” Don’t mistake black and tan GSDs for the black and red—a red coat is warmer, and almost orange while tan can be cool and closer to a khaki hue. 

Black and red German Shepherds are recognized within the breed standard of prominent kennel clubs like the American Kennel Club (AKC) and Verein für Deutsche Schäferhunde (Association for German Shepherd Dogs), but solid red is not. If you hear someone talking about a “red German Shepherd,” they are talking about a red and black GSD.

To help you get a better picture of what this color of German Shepherd looks like, let’s meet five (plus a few extra) black and red GSDs from Instagram!

1. Zara

Red German Shepherd
Source: @JourneyWithZara

Fast as lightning and quick-witted to boot, Zara is a beautiful black and red show line German Shepherd from Colorado. Just three years young, Zara is already an expert in working dog skills like scent detection and tracking, protection, and obedience. Like most GSDs, Zara loves to work and has lots of energy and focus to dedicate to her training. 

2. Klaus

Red German Shepherd
Source: @Klaus_Wulf

This gorgeous grinning German Shepherd is Klaus from Chicago! Klaus is a black and red German Shepherd with a long coat, also known as a “long stock” coat. Klaus’ favorite activity in the world is playing frisbee, but he’s happy to go along on any and all adventures with his humans. 

3. Loge

Red German Shepherd
Source: @LogeTheShep

This good girl is Loge, a black and red German Shepherd who takes life very seriously. Like many GSDs, Loge is curious, attentive, and observant. Loge likes to keep track of everything happening in her yard, but at the end of the day, she likes to curl up with her toys and her humans for a good snuggle. 

4. Meike & Eiko

Red German Shepherd
Source: @Meike_and_Eiko

Meike (female, 8) and Eiko (male, 7) are a pair of beautiful red and black German Shepherds who love causing mischief together! These lovely pups live the good life with trips on private planes, days spent floating in the pool, and plates of steak for special occasions. 

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5. Piper & Everest

Red German Shepherd
Source: @Ev_and_Pip

Piper (left) and Everest (right) are a pair of red and black German Shepherds, but you’ll notice they look a little different. Piper’s coat is just called “red and black,” but Everest’s coat coloring is called a “red sable” German Shepherd. Red sable is red fur with black tips, which sort of makes it look like Everest is a black German Shepherd with red peeking out from under his fur. Piper on the other hand has areas of solid black and solid red. 

Black and Red German Shepherd Basic Info

Black and red is one of the most common standard German Shepherd colors, and is a combination of deep black and a true red color that can go from chocolatey-brown-red to orange-red. Like all colors of German Shepherds, the black and red GSD comes in two coat types: short coat (stock coat) and long coat German Shepherds (long stock coat). Red and black German Shepherds can also come in different patterns from the standard black mask and saddle tan to intriguing red sable. 

Color doesn’t change anything but the appearance of a breed, and black and red GSDs should display the same traits and temperament as any other member of the German Shepherd breed. If you’ve dreamt of making one of these fiery red and black German Shepherds a part of your family, you’ll need to know what it takes to keep one happy, healthy, and fulfilled. 

Black & Red German Shepherd Temperament

German Shepherds are highly intelligent, alert, high-energy dogs with extensive exercise needs. GSDs need around 40 minutes to 3 hours of exercise per day. German Shepherds need active exercise, and walks do not count! For a highly active breed like the German Shepherd, a walk mostly provides mental and sensory stimulation but doesn’t fulfill their need to run, jump, tug, and explore. 

Confident and courageous, German Shepherds will happily take matters into their own paws if their humans don’t show that they have things under control. Consistent training and an understanding of working breeds and herding dogs is essential for German Shepherd ownership, and this breed is not the right one for anyone who works a full-time job or extra obligation. German Shepherds need exercise and mental stimulation every single day, and the amount they need is often more than the average dog owner can give. 

German Shepherds are friendly to humans and generally good with kids, but because they need so much stimulation, they can also be destructive and chaotic. Early proper socialization is very important for German Shepherds, which can be reactive to other dogs, particularly small dogs or high-energy breeds. GSDs have a high prey drive and don’t do well in homes with small animals like cats and rabbits. 

red german shepherd

Black & Red German Shepherd Size

The German Shepherd breed is large standing between 22–26 inches tall at the shoulder, and weighing in at 50–90+ pounds

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Black & Red German Shepherd Health

German Shepherds are generally healthy dogs with a few health issues that commonly crop up in the breed. In particular, GSDs are prone to joint and skeletal issues, which can become debilitating and very painful. Proper diet, exercise, and preventive care can help keep your German Shepherd’s joints pain-free into their golden years. Some of the health issues to be aware of with GSDs include:

  • Joint issues (e.g. hip and elbow dysplasia)
  • Back problems (e.g. degenerative myelopathy)
  • Bloat

Where To Find Black & Red German Shepherd Puppy Breeders

To start searching for black and red German Shepherd puppies for sale from ethical dog breeding programs, we recommend starting on the American Kennel Club marketplace. There are many well-known and experienced GSD breeders producing beautiful puppies every year, but buying from a breeder isn’t the only way to get a black and red German Shepherd! Animal rescue groups, local animal shelters, and breed-specific rescues can also help you find your new best friend—here are a few resources to get you started.

Black & Red German Shepherd FAQ

Learn what other people are asking about black and red German Shepherds and the answers to these burning questions right now! We’ve collected the most common queries and set the record straight about the black and red German Shepherd.  

Are red and black German Shepherds rare? 

No. Red and black is one of the most common color combinations for German Shepherd dogs.

What is the most common German Shepherd coat color? 

Black and tan is the most common German Shepherd coat color. Here’s a side-by-side comparison of a black and tan GSD (left) and a black and red GSD (right).

Sources: @Ralph_Ruby_GSD and @ShepherdsFamily

How much does a red and black German Shepherd cost? 

Red and black German Shepherd puppies can cost anywhere from $1,000–$3,000 from a reputable breeder. The same is true for other variations of red like a red sable German Shepherd puppy. Right now there are an overflow of German Shepherds in shelters so be sure to look there first.

What is the difference between “working line” and “show line” German Shepherds? 

Working line German Shepherds have slightly bulkier bodies, and higher hips that give them a straight line from the shoulders to the tail. This body type allows working lines to spend long hours herding, tracking, protecting, etc. 

Show line German Shepherds are slightly leaner, have a more tapered body shape, and have lower hips that create a slanting silhouette from shoulders to hips. Show lines are considered more desirable in the ring.

Take a look at a working line GSD (left) compared to a show line GSD (right). 

Source: @TheWestCoastBitches and @OhMyGSDs

Do German Shepherds Shed?

Yes, German Shepherds do shed. They have a double coat consisting of a dense undercoat and a coarser outer coat. This double coat helps protect them from various weather conditions, but it also means they shed throughout the year.

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