Scared Dog Won’t Put Bowl Down until this Happens…

Video Transcript

Rocky Kanaka (Animal Advocate):

Angela was always holding her bowl, and I couldn’t figure out why! I thought she was hungry, so I baked her a dog friendly muffin, and then when I came back to check on her, she still had that food bowl in her mouth. The good news is she looks adorable when she holds onto her bowl. I had a chance to play with her, and she is just the sweetest dog.

Scared Dog Won't Put Bowl Down

“What’s that? Hahaha! What’s that? You want that? What’s that?”

I was hoping that someone would notice her and adopt her, but never happened. “Look, I’m not even kidding… So many great dogs. Thanks for coming out.” I realized Angela was holding onto her food bowl because she was scared. She was using it as her security flag. Unfortunately, no one adopted her that day at Empty The Shelters, but her story doesn’t end there.

Rocky Continues:
Here’s what happened next. You see her medical bills were gonna be really hot. She had upper respiratory infections, skin infections, and she needed about 44 stitches and all of that adds up to thousands of dollars in medical costs.

But then something really great happened and with Pause for Live Rescue posted a fundraiser and the entire community came together and donated to help raise the funds. Even Cathy Bissell jumped in and said, Hey, I’ll donate, which is awesome because she’s the founder of the Bissell Pet Foundation and was hosting this event, Empty The Shelters.

Scared Dog Won't Put Bowl Down

I gotta say it worked out perfect because it allowed Angela to get the vet care that she needed. Pause for Life Rescue and Adoption said, We’ll help her out, and they facilitated her. They took her out of the shelter. She carried her bowl the entire time, took her to the vet. The vet let her have a bowl, and then the most amazing thing happened, Pause for Life Rescue and Adoption did a post on Facebook that a bunch of people shared and ended up getting to the right person, her new mom.

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I’m happy to say that Angela is adopted. Yeah, and that’s what’s so awesome. The whole team came together from Detroit to the Bissell Pet Foundation to Paws… All of this led to Angela getting her forever home.

Angela's new mom

Trisha (Angela’s New Mom):

Hi, I’m Trisha, and I’m Angela’s new mom. We had a 18 year old American bulldog that passed away in April. It was definitely a sad time for us. We were looking and looking at puppies. Actually, my sister-in-law shared a post on Facebook, and there she was sitting there holding her bowl. I saw her face and I was just like, I’ve gotta get her.

Scared Dog Won't Put Bowl Down

The video was so cute that I watch of her walking out with her bowl in her mouth leaving that day. Angela does not carry her bowl anymore. She drinks her water out of it now, but she doesn’t carry it around. She’s had so much love and enrichment here. She loves everybody here. She loves kids. She’s so well behaved. It’s incredible to me. She’s such a great dog. She really is.

She’s still learning, being in a new environment and learning that this is her home. She knows where the door is when we go outside. She has a low temperament. She’s not aggressive at all. She is now at home with her mom and dad and brothers and sister that she is thriving. She is doing really, really well.

Angela after being adopted


This story makes me so happy because so many people work together to make this happen. From the Detroit shelter to Paws helping… to Bissell Pet Foundation, everyone came together and it takes a village and rescue. So get involved in your local community or shelter, and if you agree with that, don’t forget to hit that thumbs up button for Angela.

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And if you’re new here, subscribe. I’d love to have you as part of the family, turn on those notifications. Comment down below for Angela, wish her well in her new home, and I will tell her mom to make sure she reads every single one of those comments to Angela. Make sure you check out the other video of the Detroit Shelter where I ask you to help me name some brand new little puppies. I’ll put the link in the description below.

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