Senior Dog Abandoned At Shelter Is Really Sick. Is She Too Old To Love?

Have you ever felt so invisible that it seemed like the world just passed you by? That’s the feeling I got when I looked into her eyes. My heart ached so much that I could physically feel the pain in my chest. It was as if my heartstrings were being tugged with such force that I wanted to look away. But I couldn’t. I had a gut feeling that this dog had felt this way her entire life.

This Senior Bull Terrier Needs Help

As I approached her, I noticed she might have some vision issues. “Hi there,” I whispered softly, trying to comfort her. The more I observed, the clearer it became that she was a senior dog. Some of her conditions were simply due to age, but others were clear signs of neglect. Her paws looked worn out, and her eyes were clouded with gunk. My heart broke even more. “I’m so sorry for whatever you’ve been through,” I murmured, gently stroking her.

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Despite her condition, she was incredibly sweet. Her eyes, though murky, seemed to light up with every gentle touch. I was cautious, ensuring I didn’t touch any sores that might cause her pain. As we bonded, I realized that despite her many health issues, all she needed was love. She deserved to know that she was cherished and that her years of loyalty and love weren’t in vain. “I love you,” I whispered, my voice choked with emotion.

She Was Found As A Stray

Curious about her background, I asked a staff member about her story. I learned she was found on a busy road and had been with a family for a week. They mentioned she was good with their grandchild. This made me smile. “So, you like kids?” I said to her, chuckling. “Probably good with cats and anything else, given you couldn’t chase after them.”

She Didn’t Have A Name

Thinking of a name for her, I settled on “Dawn,” symbolizing a new beginning. But Dawn had many health issues. I decided to consult with Brenda, a registered vet tech, to get a professional assessment.

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Brenda examined Dawn carefully, noting her hives, masses, and severe eye issues. She mentioned that breeds like Dawn often suffer from allergies and that her gut health was crucial. Dawn’s paws look so red and sore. Brenda promised to get some medication to help with Dawn’s condition.

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The Fate Of Senior Dogs In Shelters

As I sat with Dawn, I pondered the fate of senior dogs in shelters. Many people prefer puppies, overlooking the older dogs. When I suggest adopting a senior dog, most people hesitate, fearing the heartbreak of losing them sooner. But adopting a senior dog is a selfless act. It’s about giving them the best life, even if it’s just for a few days or months. It’s about letting them leave this world knowing they were loved.

I’m Going Back To Get Her

But as I left the shelter, my heart felt heavy. Dawn’s story and her condition weighed on me. I’ve made a decision – I’m going back to get her. I don’t have all the answers yet, and there’s a lot to figure out. But if you want to join me on this journey, I’d be grateful. Becoming a member will not only support me in my endeavors but also keep you updated on Dawn’s progress. I promise to keep you informed about the next steps with Dawn.

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