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September 28, 2023
Artie the dog is proof that love can save a life. Read his incredible story of resilience and transformation from homeless and hairless to healthy and loved.
September 27, 2023
In a world where challenges often seem insurmountable, a little deaf and blind puppy named Piglet is proving that with determination and love, anything is possible.
September 27, 2023
Facing the grim fate of euthanasia in a high-kill shelter, a pregnant dog named Denali was granted a lifeline.
September 26, 2023
Have you ever felt so invisible that it seemed like the world just passed you by? That’s the feeling I got when I looked into her eyes. My heart ached […]
September 26, 2023
Join animal advocate Rocky Kanaka on a heartfelt and authentic journey as he visits scared and lonely shelter dogs, armed with nothing but his iPhone and a deep desire to provide comfort and hope.
September 25, 2023
Delve into Timmy’s touching tale, a puppy with soulful eyes, as he embarks on a quest for love and a forever home. What Does the Future Hold for Timmy?
September 24, 2023
Scooty’s transformation from a near-death experience in Mexico to becoming a therapy dog in Las Vegas is nothing short of miraculous. Her infectious joy and unwavering spirit have since touched and inspired individuals around the world.
September 24, 2023
Cowboy’s incredible journey: From paralysis to taking his first steps, discover how one puppy’s resilience inspired a community and defied all odds
September 21, 2023
When I first laid eyes on her, I saw a dog in distress. Her open mouth, tight face, alert ears, and heavy panting were clear indicators.
September 20, 2023
This adorable puppy was born perfectly normal. While he’s now happy and healthy, Boh wants everyone to learn about cataracts in dogs.