The Surprising Reason No One Wants to Adopt this Alaskan Malamute

Join animal advocate Rocky Kanaka on a heartfelt and authentic journey as he visits scared and lonely shelter dogs, armed with nothing but his iPhone and a deep desire to provide comfort and hope. In this unpretentious series, Rocky quietly sits with these homeless dogs, capturing their stories and unique personalities. Through the simplicity of his approach, he aims to shed light on the challenges they face and help them find loving homes. Experience the power of genuine connection and the transformative impact it can have on both humans and animals in this sincere exploration of companionship and second chances.

Paige’s Unseen Struggle: A Tale of Fear, Perseverance, and Unlikely Friendships

In an unexpected display of vulnerability, a young Australian Shepherd named Paige presents a conundrum that tugs at the heartstrings of observers. Her choice of refuge, a secluded windowsill, becomes a silent plea for understanding and patience, unraveling a story that is as complex as it is touching. Paige, with her black and white coat, isn’t merely indulging in a whimsical canine adventure but navigating through a tangible world of fear and anxiety, her backstory speculated to be marred by experiences that have sculpted her unique coping mechanisms.

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Paige’s journey from a visibly anxious pup to one that gradually learns to trust is a testament to the transformative power of patience and empathy. Her food, scattered in a chaotic display, and her choice to seek the highest point in her kennel, speak volumes about her internal turmoil. While her actions may initially be perceived as endearing, a closer look reveals a desperate attempt to find safety and control in an environment that perhaps hasn’t always been kind.


The path to Paige’s trust is paved with gentle gestures, where a treat becomes more than a snack – it’s a symbol of friendship and an invitation into her world. Through subtle interactions, a delicate bridge of trust begins to form, constructed with soft touches, reassuring eye contact, and a steadfast presence that whispers promises of safety and understanding. The goal is to gently dissolve the fear associated with the windowsill, transforming it from a symbol of anxiety to one of positive, reassuring interactions.

A breakthrough occurs after 20 minutes of patient interaction. Her descent from the windowsill, while seemingly small, is a monumental step towards trust and acceptance. The excitement, though internally bubbling, is externally tempered to ensure Paige’s environment remains calm and supportive.


Embarking on a journey with a dog like Page is a gentle marathon, requiring weeks, perhaps months, of consistent, gentle assurance. Her reserved nature may linger, but with time and patience, a deeply rewarding relationship can blossom. A dog that has navigated through the shadows of fear and emerged into the light of trust and connection often forms an unbreakably strong bond with their human companion.

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Page’s subtle shifts in body language, such as the playful positioning of her ears, signal significant strides in her journey from a world shrouded in fear to one illuminated by trust. These subtle cues, often unnoticed without intentional observation and time spent, become monumental milestones in her path from fear to trust.

The commitment to working with or training a dog, especially one navigating through the waves of fear, demands an understanding of their mental and physical boundaries. After about 20 minutes, their capacity to engage may diminish, underscoring the importance of recognizing and celebrating every ounce of progress made, regardless of its size.

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In a heartfelt attempt to find Page a forever home, a live video is shared, reaching out to a community of potential adopters. The response is overwhelmingly positive, with a cascade of support and shared memories of the classic tune, “How Much is that Doggie in the Window?”

As the minutes tick away, hope for Page to find a loving, patient family hangs delicately in the balance. Her story, shared live with a community of compassionate dog lovers, becomes a beacon of hope, not just for her, but for all animals seeking a second chance at a life free from fear.

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Primal‘s Siblings Were All Adopted, And He Was Left Behind… But Then This…

“His eyes spoke volumes, reflecting a blend of youthful curiosity and a subtle plea for connection,” recalls Rocky Kanaka as he sat with Primal, a 5-month-old Shepherd mix, in his kennel.

Discovered by a good Samaritan and safely brought to the shelter with his litter, Primal watched as his siblings found new homes, leaving him behind to navigate the shelter environment, with his big paws and floppy ears.

As Rocky sat with this cute puppy, he learned that the pup had a hold and a meet and greet with eminent. Roger who was green lighted for a service dog shared, “I was directed towards breeders, but my heart pulled me towards providing a home to a shelter dog.”

A meet-and-greet was arranged for his children, Emma and Ben, to meet Primal. Their interaction, filled with playful antics and a minor “pee pee accident,” brought light-heartedness and genuine connection to the atmosphere.

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“The playful interactions, the gentle licks, and tentative tail wags from Primal, it all just felt right,” reflected Roger, as the decision to adopt Primal came into play. During the meeting, Primal received a hug from the children, a moment that could have swung either way – good or bad – due to the unpredictability of a young pup’s response to such affection.

Primal’s journey from a stray to a loving home underscores the profound impact of rescue and adoption. Roger, Emma, and Ben not only provided Primal with a loving home but also highlighted the boundless love and life-changing second chances that stem from choosing adoption, weaving a story of compassion, hope, and unfiltered love.

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Rosie’s Second Chance: A Tale of Misadventures and New Beginnings

Rosie, a 1-year-old Husky mix, captivates Rocky with her striking features and piercing eyes, which seem to hold a mischievous glint. “Look in her eyes. She’s so pretty,” he says, acknowledging a playful spirit that, under different circumstances, might have translated into a highly effective, albeit overly enthusiastic, chicken herder.

Unfortunately, Rosie’s natural instincts and a flock of unsuspecting chickens led her back to the shelter. Her actions, while instinctual, underscored the vital need for a home that could navigate her working dog tendencies and high prey drive.

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Mindy and Ron, a couple with a keen understanding of Rosie’s breed, stepped forward with interest. “Huskies are smart, dynamic, and loyal, but also very independent and quite the escape artists,” Rocky reflects, emphasizing the importance of a suitable home for such a spirited breed. Rosie, with her playful demeanor juxtaposed with her poultry predicament, needed a home that could harness her energy and provide the ‘job’ her breed inherently desires.

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The initial meet and greet, a pivotal moment for Rosie, Mindy, and Ron, unfolded with a blend of hope and cautious optimism. “The difference in her face when I tell her she’s a good girl is like night and day,” Rocky observes, underscoring the transformative power of positive affirmations for shelter dogs like Rosie. The initial interactions were heartwarming, with Rosie receiving affectionate hugs and the couple proceeding with adoption paperwork. However, a thoughtful pause ensued as Mindy and Ron decided to ensure Rosie would mesh well with their existing dogs, Sadie and Freddie, before finalizing the adoption.

The subsequent interactions between Rosie, Sadie, and Freddie unfolded with cautious sniffs, gentle licks, and a big, reassuring hug for mom, hinting towards a positive outcome. The shelter announcement confirmed the joyful news. Rosie, Mindy, and Ron embarked on a new chapter, illustrating that with understanding, second chances, and a suitable environment, even a mischievous spirit like Rosie can find a loving, forever home.

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Designer Pups Seek a Forever Home: A Tale of Compassion and Hope

In the corner of a kennel, two Terrier mixes, a brown and white male and a pure white female, huddle together, providing each other with a semblance of comfort amidst the unfamiliarity of the shelter. “If your heart doesn’t sink, well, you are not a dog person,” Rocky remarks, observing the pair who, despite their anxious demeanors, gently take turns accepting treats. Their story is largely unknown, having been found as strays with no identification, but their sweet nature shines through their apprehension. Rocky, spending time with them, think they are probably siblings.

Rocky, sitting with the pups, navigates through their timidness, coaxing them with treats and gentle words. “They’re a little scared and timid right now. But within 24 hours of them being in your house, I guarantee they’re going to be running around and playful little pups,” he assures, recognizing that their current fear is more a product of their environment than their inherent nature.

He also introduces us to their kennel mate, Gucci, a blind, ten-year-old dog, who despite his disability, is spirited and curious. The trio, each with their unique challenges, create a peculiar yet heartwarming ensemble, turning what Rocky described as “the saddest kennel” into a space of playful antics and newfound friendships.

In a light-hearted moment, Rocky decides to nickname the Terrier mixes “Louis” and “Vuitton,” humorously attributing designer names to them, inspired by their branded kennel mate. “Louis has a little brown in him, and Vuitton is completely white,” he explains, chuckling at his attempt to “flex” his knowledge of designers. The playful naming not only brings a moment of levity but also highlights the individuality of the pups, who, despite their unfortunate circumstances, are capable of bringing joy and laughter.

Rocky’s time with Louis, Vuitton, and Gucci underscores a poignant message for all animal lovers and potential rescuers: “Start small. Go to your local rescue or shelter and volunteer, even if it’s a couple of hours a week or a few hours a month. You will learn so much in that time and you will be able to impact the lives of so many pets just by doing that.”

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His gentle encouragement serves as a reminder that anyone can make a difference in the lives of animals like Louis and Vuitton, turning stories of abandonment into tales of hope and adoption.

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Ranma the Malamute: A Fluffy Tale of Transformation

Amidst the stark surroundings of an animal shelter, a super fluffy Malamute named Ranma captures hearts with his remarkable features and an impossibly fluffy coat. “It looks like someone drew him. Like he’s not even real,” Rocky observes, marveling at the dog’s distinctive appearance and gentle demeanor. Initially, Ranma was so nervous that the shelter staff couldn’t even determine his gender amidst all his fur. A good Samaritan had found him, and upon arrival at the shelter, his anxiety was palpable. But there’s more to Ranma’s story, a tale of transformation and the unwavering hope for a forever home.

Ranma’s journey within the shelter has been one of gradual opening and blossoming. With the patient help of volunteer dog walkers and staff, he has slowly emerged from his shell, revealing a sweet and gentle nature beneath his initial apprehension. Rocky shares, “Everyone says you’re a good boy. I would agree with that.” Despite his initial anxiety, Ranma has shown that with a bit of patience and a lot of love, he can indeed be a playful, calm, and well-behaved companion. His fluffiness, akin to a cotton ball, and his love of cuddles make him irresistibly endearing.

However, Ranma’s path to adoption hasn’t been straightforward. Although there have been holds for his adoption, none have yet worked in his favor, leaving him still waiting for that perfect match. “His desire right now for love and just being close to somebody is overriding all of that energy because he hasn’t been out for his walk today yet,” Rocky notes, highlighting Ranma’s evident longing for a stable and loving home. His playful interactions with toys and his ability to melt into cuddles “like a marshmallow” showcase a dog who, despite his early nervousness, holds a reservoir of love and playfulness.

Ranma, with his striking features and transformed demeanor, awaits a family that can provide him with the love and regular maintenance his coat requires. “Mel just groomed him a week ago and he’s already got some matting. He needs to be brushed constantly,” Rocky points out, emphasizing the care a Malamute like Ranma needs. His story is a gentle reminder of the hidden gems within shelters, waiting to be discovered by families willing to look beyond the initial apprehension and see the loving, playful companions beneath. Ranma, with his dreamy eyes and fluffy coat, continues to wait, embodying the unwavering hope that his forever home is just around the corner.

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