The Boxerdoodle – Like A Box Of Chocolate, You Never Know What You’ll Get!

Boxerdoodle Basic Info

Boxerdoodles are a Boxer mixed with Poodle – they love swimming and fetching, and they have a lot of energy too! Though a home with a fenced-in backyard is ideal, if you have enough time to take them out for regular exercise, they should be fine in apartments as well.

boxer and poodle mix

When you’re thinking of getting a Boxerdoodle, there are a few things you should know. Here’s a quick rundown of the basics to keep in mind!

What is a Boxerdoodle?

This Boxer-Poodle mix’s history is still in the works. We don’t know exactly when it emerged as a designer pup, but it’s only been in the last decade or so that Boxerdoodle breeders have been promoting them. You won’t see the Boxerdoodle mix listed on the American Kennel Club’s registry, but it does get the thumbs up from the American Canine Hybrid Club.

A boxerdoodle

Source: George Peters, Getty Image

The Boxerdoodle is a rare designer hybrid dog that is becoming more and more popular. The Boxerdoodle is a mix between a Boxer and a Poodle, and it has all the best qualities of both breeds! It’s an intelligent, loving, loyal, and friendly dog that is great with children.

Boxerdoodle Temperament

Boxerdoodles are a great choice for active families. They’re typically very affable and full of life and need lots of activity to be happy. They’re wonderful with kids and other animals, and they’re quite intelligent.

With two parent breeds that have lively and active temperaments, you may end up with quite the joker in your household. This makes boxerdoodles a great choice for many homes. If you love to go on hikes on the weekends or have kids who love to play, these dogs are the right fit for you because they need plenty of exercise each day!

Boxerdoodle Size

The boxerdoodle is a pup with a lifespan of 11 to 13 years, weighing anywhere from 12 to 70 pounds and growing 10 to 25 inches long. It’s still a new designer dog breed, so there’s not much uniformity between them.

a boxerdoodle

Source: @emilys_pets3

Bigger dog breeds like the Boxerdoodle are more likely to suffer from joint issues such as hip dysplasia and ligament injuries. All the potential health problems of both parent breeds must be taken into consideration, so Boxerdoodle owners must be proactive when it comes to preventive care.

Boxerdoodle Health

Both parent breeds have health concerns that Boxerdoodle pet parents should be aware of. Boxers, like bulldogs and pugs, are brachycephalic, meaning they are prone to airway issues and upper airway obstruction.

Standard poodles can be vulnerable to two serious illnesses, Addison’s disease and bloat. Both can be deadly, so it’s crucial to act fast if you suspect either. Addison’s has very subtle indications such as exhaustion, vomiting and diarrhea. It needs many different tests for a diagnosis, so it’s really helpful for owners to know about these steps so vets can evaluate and start treatment quickly.

However, pairing dogs with a breed that does not have these issues, such as the Standard Poodle with the Boxer, can help reduce the risks. This could be due to biodiversity which encourages health and longevity. Pure bred dogs tend to suffer from health issues due to inbreeding.

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On the whole, the Boxerdoodle is usually quite healthy, though some inherited health problems from either the Boxer or Poodle may arise. Congenital defects are not a risk associated with the new designer breed.

Where Can You Find a Boxerdoodle Puppy for Sale?

Boxerdoodle puppy

Source: LineCorner, Pinterest

If you’re interested in getting your own Boxerdoodle puppies, there might be just a few respectable breeders out there being that Boxerdoodles are a rare mix. We suggest you start with your local shelter or rescue. The odds of finding a specific mix of a  boxer and a doodle are slim but maybe you’ll find something you like just as well. 

When buying a Boxerdoodle, make sure you ask for references, read online reviews, and see their registration papers. You should also talk to the breeder about diet, grooming, and healthcare, making sure you know what’s expected of you as the owner.

With the rise of designer dog mixes like the Boxerdoodle, puppy mills are becoming more and more common. These mills don’t provide any of the care, health, wellbeing, or socialization that a good breeder would, so be sure to do your research before you buy!

If you’re in the market for a Boxerdoodle, stay away from puppy mill by looking out for the following warning signs:

  • If the breeder has multiple mixed breeds available
  • They offer wait times for puppies
  • They offer to ship puppies
  • It’s difficult to get in touch with them (no phone number, email, etc.).

Remember, you often get what you pay for, so don’t risk it!

Boxerdoodle Personality

Wondering what kind of personality traits the Boxerdoodle has? It’s worth keeping in mind that boxers and poodles don’t appreciate being left alone for long. So if you’re not around much, this pup may not be the ideal choice.

Separation anxiety can make a pup bored, and then they’ll do something to get your attention – something unpleasant, usually. But if introduced in the right way, Boxerdoodles usually get along with other furry friends. In short, they’ll feel right at home in any place where they get enough exercise and socialization.

3 Awesome Boxerdoodle Instagram Accounts

Check out these Instagram accounts to find some beautiful Boxerdoodle pictures!


Bean the boxerdoodle

Source: @beantheboxerdoodle

Bean is a cuddly medium-sized Boxerdoodle from Memphis, TN. She loves camping, going to baseball games, and playing with other dogs. You can find her jumping in huge snow piles or rolling around in autumn leaves. She’s always up for an adventure and loves to explore new places. Bean is always up for a game of fetch or cuddles on the couch. She loves people and is always ready to make a new friend.


Annabelle the Boxerdoodle

Source: @annabelle_n_joey_show

Annabelle is a Boxerdoodle rescue in California. She’s an older dog who’s not as active as many other Boxerdoodles but she’s still a wonderful companion. This medium-sized dog enjoys the beach just as much as she loves her backyard. She’s a very loyal and loving dog who loves to be around people.


Cassie the boxerdoodle

Source: @lovecassiexo

Cassie was a Boxerdoodle from the Bahamas who passed in 2020. Now you’ll find another senior Boxerdoodle named Charlie manning the account. He’s a 15-year-old Hurrican Dorian and stroke survivor.

Though he’s up in age, Charlie is still quite active and vocal. Charlie loves to greet visitors with a big bark and a wagging tail. He has a playful spirit and is always up for an adventure. He may be old, but he’s still full of life!

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Boxerdoodle FAQs

Got more questions? Keep reading to find out more about Boxerdoodles!

How Big Does a Boxerdoodle get?

Boxerdoodles can get pretty big, weighing up to 70 pounds and growing 25 inches long. But they come in all shapes and sizes, thanks to the poodle in their family tree. If the poodle parent is a toy or mini, the Boxerdoodle will probably be smaller.

How Much Does A Boxerdoodle Cost?

Because a Boxerdoodle is a designer hybrid dog, the price of one can be expensive.vary widely. If you are interested in purchasing a Boxerdoodle, you should expect to pay up to $2000 for a puppy.

Are Boxerdoodles Hypoallergenic?

Poodles are known for being hypoallergenic, but don’t be fooled – there’s no such thing as a 100% allergy-free dog. That said, a Boxerdoodle might be a good option for those with allergies, as they tend to be low-shedding. If you’re thinking of getting a Boxerdoodle pup, it’s a good idea to spend time with one first so you can check how your allergies react.

What Is The Best Poodle Cross Breed?

There’s no perfect pup out there, but some breeds can be more suitable for certain people. If you’re looking for a big, active pup that loves to cuddle, then the Boxerdoodle is exactly what you need!

Are Boxerdoodles Calm?

Boxerdoodles are known for their hilarious puppy-stage antics just like their parent Boxer and Poodle breeds. Even though these breeds tend to calm down by the time they’re two or three, it’s still important to keep them active as they get older. We wouldn’t say Boxerdoodles are calm dogs.

Do Boxerdoodles Bark Alot?

Boxerdoodles don’t typically bark much. They only vocalize when they deem it necessary. These doggos tend to only bark when they feel threatened, need to alert their humans of a stranger around, or when they’re feeling a bit excited.

Do Boxerdoodles Shed?

How Often Should Boxerdoodles Get Groomed?

With a Boxerdoodle, you’ll need to make regular visits to the groomer – at least monthly if the coat is wavy or curly. If the fur is straighter and shorter, you can go a bit longer in between appointments. As far as home care, make sure you’re cutting your pup’s nails every four weeks, giving them a bath when they need it, and checking their ears for any signs of infection.

If your Boxerdoodle has deep wrinkles, use a damp cloth to keep them clean, and make sure the skin is dry afterwards.

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