Australian Labradoodle

The Amazing Australian Labradoodle

If you’re looking for an all-around family dog with a big personality, then one of your best bets will be the amazing Australian Labradoodle!
Beatle and Bunny

This Beagle’s Best Friend Is…A Bunny!

this adorable odd couple walked together, snuggled, and even ate lettuce together. It didn’t matter that one was a rabbit and one was a dog.

Bobo, The Forever Immortal Chihuahua, Turns 23!

Everyone wants to live forever. Longevity in life is one of everyone’s greatest desires, and Bobo, the little Chihuahua that could, has now turned 23. If that wasn’t incredible enough, just like humans might, he now lives in an assisted living community. (But for dogs… […]

Meet the Golden Retriever Chihuahua Mix

This adorable cross between A Golden Retriever and A Chihuahua is really the best of both worlds... well, except for the one thing...

Golden Retriever Puppy Has Megaesophagus

This golden retriever puppy was surrendered twice because he is a Megaesophagus dog. This means he has to eat in a special chair sitting up.
pitbull beagle mix

Meet The Pit Bull Beagle Mix

What do you get when you mix a pit bull and beagle? We'll introduce you to 5 pit bull beagle mixes so you can learn about this unique hybrid.
German shepherd chihuahua mix

Meet the German Shepherd Chihuahua Mix

Can you imagine, a German Shepherd Chihuahua mix? How does that even happen? We'll explore this hybrid dog and even introduce you to a few.
aussie German shepherd mix

Meet The Aussie German Shepherd Mix

This Aussie German Shepherd mix is very popular if you're looking for a large, intelligent dog. Check out our photos of the Aussie German mix

Is This The Proof That Dogs are Better Than Cats? 

Probably not, but it is a start! The debate has been raging since the dawn of mankind, since human beings domesticated the first animals and began developing a relationship that would last for eons to come – which pet is better, dogs or cats?  Of […]

The Truth About Pit Bulls: Setting the Record Straight

Pit bull owners often face shaming just because they own a pit bull! Where does all the hate come from? Why have pit bulls been getting a bad rep for decades. Why is pit bull shaming even a thing?
Small Dog Breeds That Make the Best Companions for Kids

5 Small Dog Breeds That Make the Best Companions for Kids

If you're thinking of surprising your family with a new puppy, you should know which are the best small dog breeds for kids. Here we break it down for you and recommend the 5 best breeds that make the absolute best companions for children.

This Frenchie Died Of A Rare Disease 😢

Wade had a rare disease that eventually took his life 😢. If you live in a hot dry area like Arizona or California your dog could be at risk.