I built a waterpark for a husky

Husky at the waterpark

I built the water park for a homeless dog named Goose, a 10 month old Husky puppy. Someone bought him… didn’t want him, handed him off to another family that couldn’t keep him. This kept happening four times until he was finally abandoned for good. Recently things started looking up for goose. He’s at the Seal Beach Animal Care Center, and they have a big play space, which I think would be perfect to turn into an extreme water park for dogs. I’m gonna need a lot of helping hands and this isn’t gonna be cheap, but the good news is CUDDLY.COM is sponsoring. This video

Goose, homeless husky

Remi (dog supervisor):
Goose has probably been here a couple months now. Typical Husky, very energetic, very playful, big water guy.

Huskies, unfortunately are really hard to get adopted because they are dogs that need so much focus and care. When I’m thinking about how we make over this space, there’s one thing that keeps providing inspiration and that’s at the beaches two blocks away. The dogs know it too. They can smell those ocean breezes. They can hear the Seagull. So I thought what if we brought the ocean to them by incorporating that theme into our water park, we could add a pool and a burglar and just like the beach, we could have a lifeguard tower and the epicenter of every water park is an epic water slide. And if we have enough time, wouldn’t it be great to add a Puppuccino time stand?! There’s one thing I know for sure. And that’s that goose deserves his very own dog day out. I just gotta figure out what he would love.

Waterpark layout

Okay…How are we looking? Uh, is this it? Hey, we just have the two of us. How are we gonna get this project done? I don’t know. I got something up my sleeve. You guys need help, right? Plenty of help. More. You need more hands, right? As many as possible or paws or whatever. Preferably not paws. Preferably not paws. We’re not gonna help us right now. Okay. Wait, wait right here. I got something for you. I still feel like he’s gonna bring dogs. He’s being dogs.

Cuddly’s whole mission is helping animals. So when I called them up and asked him to volunteer, they came right over.

Cuddly team help to build the waterpark

I’ve got the perfect idea for Goose’s dogs Day out. We’re gonna head to the beach. It’ll be fun for him and it’ll give the team some extra time to keep working on that yard. We’re Rosie’s beach right now. We’re gonna keep the lead on because he’s a young puppy in it. We let, if we let him off this leash, a Husky, he’d be like gone. We’re gonna walk sideways. So it’s more of an introduction versus just like a direct dunk.

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Seeing him enjoy the ocean makes me so happy. But the bigger surprise is still coming. His very own water park. I can’t wait for him to see this. Yes. An entire truck load of mulch that, oh, our current efforts aren’t gonna cut it. So I’m gonna bring in a bigger crew. It’s gonna cost more money, but it’s the right thing to do.

Rocky and ho,eless husky at the beach

I read a lot of your comments. One of the top things I get is when you tell me I wanna help, I wanna be involved… Sometimes when I go to the shelter, I don’t know what to do, or I don’t know where to get started. I gotta tell you that’s where a sponsor cuddly.com comes in. Check this out. When you go to cuddly.com/rocky, you can immediately find animals that need your help. Check out Dee right here. Look at her endearing face. Here, let’s look at it a little more. Look… You can see all of her bills, even more pictures of her. If you click the donate button, you can get her items that she needs right now to make her healthy and happy again. You see, you can go out on cuddly.com and find animals that need your help right now. And whether you have a dollar or a thousand dollars, you can help. And I get it. Sometimes choosing one animal can be difficult. So you know what? Even though cuddly.com is a sponsor, I’m actually a monthly member. Every month I donate money to get these animals products that they need now. Click that donate monthly button, and you’ll know that every month your funds are going to help a lot of animals. I love looking at these before and after pictures you wanna give, just like I do go to cuddly.com/rocky right now.


Okay. How you guys looking up here?
Good. Everything’s going well.

It’s coming together. The carpenters are working hard. My team even came out to help paint the wall.

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Rocky’s team member:
We’re trying to create sort of an ocean wave of effect. We’re sharing with Dirk, and then we’re gonna move light and hopefully it look good.

I want a pool. A pool. Okay. For sure. Yeah. Whatever else. Just impress me. Impress you… Yeah, that’s an easy task. Okay. All right. We’ll be back later. Great.

So this is Tippi and Alfie, and I just love them because they are such lovable dogs. Look at these two, look at these two drinking outta the water bowl together like Best’s friends and you know what? They are best friend, because they’re a bonded pair. So what I’d love about this is if you adopt these two together, you immediately have a family that loves each other and two dogs that can really help support each other.

Rocky pets Alsie

Now, the reason they haven’t been adopted and they’re still here, it has nothing to do with them not being awesome dogs, it is because they’re big dogs and big dogs are hard to get adopted and because they’re bonded. And so someone being able to take two dogs is hard, but I know that there’s someone out there, maybe, maybe someone watching this video that could adopt these two and knows that they will be the perfect family.

Rocky’s team member:
All right. So the team back there is so hard at work. We originally were going to do is just refurbish that piece right back there, that big box. So we’re gonna try to turn this guy into a pirate ship.

Before and after building the waterpark

We have so much work to do and I actually had to leave because my dog Kobe hurt his paw. So he’s in the vet right now and I’m in the parking lot. I had to drive a couple hours to, to get to him. The team though is gonna keep working. Even if they have to work all night, I’ll be back first thing in the morning. Fingers crossed we get this done.

Rocky’s team member:
So pretty. It’s pretty much completely dark at this point. Hopefully we can get it all done before everyone arrives and Goose is ready to go… It’s gonna be a long night.

Everybody’s coming up right now. They’re gonna close their eyes. We’re gonna do the big reveal. And then goose is on his way. Can’t wait. Okay. We could not have done this without all of your help. Thank you cuddly. Thank you all the volunteers and team for helping us pull this together. This has been awesome. It’s that time I want all of you to see this and then we’re gonna bring in all the dogs. Is everyone ready?
Yeah, yesss

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I’m gonna count down from three and then we’re all gonna say Goose. How’s that sound?
3, 2, 1

Everybody is cheering:

Remi (dog supervisor):
It’s perfect. I can’t oh man, I’m gonna so excited with

The waterpark

Jane (shelter director):
This much trouble. I mean, this is like, this is like a really big deal for us guys just picked us and that everybody came together and did it. It’s totally amazing.

No, try to come around. there you go…

Okay. Help me get this ice into the pool. We gotta cool him down. It’s a hot day and Huskies love cool water.

Loves it. Yeah.
Ice cool dip. Perfect!

Husky in the waterpark

Team member jump in the pool:
Go. I lost my hula. I lost my hula.

Cuddly donated all this to you guys. So it’s over a thousand dollars worth of toys and beds and a bunch of stuff that we know you all can use.

Jane (shelter director):
Thank you guys.

And Goose. We’re not done. We even got a Puppuccino for you buddy.

Rocky sings:
Puppuccino time… Puppu Puppucino time. Puppuccino time… Puppu Puppucino time, Puppuccino time…

Husky having Puppuccino in the waterpark

Goose is loving his Puppuccino and he invited all of the rest of his friends from the shelter to check out his water park, visit our sponsor, cuddly.com/rocky. There are dogs and cats that need you. Now I need your help. We gotta get goose adopted. So the way to do that is to subscribe. Hit that like button comment down below and lets YouTube know that you love this video. More people will see it and we’ll get goose adopted and quick go check out this video right here or this one right here.

Dogs playing at the waterpark

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