This Man Built A Tiny Home For A Homeless Blind & Deaf Dog. Adorable Reaction.

A pit bull named Maggie is going to assist in the design of a tiny home for a senior homeless dog. The tiny house project has inspired Rocky Kanaka, a rescue animal advocate, to also focus on finding the perfect items to make it comfortable and enjoyable for the dog who will live there.

when Homeless Dog Gets a Say in Designing Their Dream Home

To start, a trip to the pet store has been planned. During the visit, Rocky has a unique plan – to buy anything that Maggie touches, and double the amount to ensure both Maggie and the senior dog will have the same toys and items to enjoy. Rocky hopes that this special shopping trip will help make the tiny home a welcoming and comfortable place for the senior dog to live.

Rocky Kanaka x The Reverse Rescue

The team is working quickly and efficiently, with one member focusing on the roof, sheeting, insulation, doors, and windows while Rocky works on the interior design. The goal is to create a warm and welcoming space that the senior dog can call home.

The team has already built a tiny home for another dog named Nemo, and they hope to continue building more homes in the future, creating an entire neighborhood for homeless dogs. The team consists of members from Reverse Rescue and the dogs sometimes stay with the rescue founder, Tye, until they can find a permanent home.

when Homeless Dog Gets a Say in Designing Their Dream Home

Buying everything Maggie touches for Tiny House decoration

Maggie is the perfect dog to help with this project. She is sweet and friendly, and her love of toys makes her the perfect choice to help design the home. The team plans to buy anything that she touches in the pet store, ensuring that the home is truly designed by a dog for a dog.

Despite also looking for a forever home, Maggie is eager to assist with the design of the tiny home. The team is also on the lookout for the next senior dog, Leonardo, that needs their help.

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Leonardo, senior dog

During the shopping trip, the team purchases items for the tiny home such as a TV, a fridge, and decorations from Hobby Lobby. The bill is adding up, but it’s all worth it to make the tiny home a special place for the senior dog. Rocky has also received support from members of the community who have joined the Reverse Rescue project.


In conclusion, the tiny home project for senior homeless dogs is a unique and innovative way to make a difference in the lives of these dogs. With the help of animal advocates like Rocky Kanaka, the dogs will have a warm and comfortable place to call home. The Reverse Rescue team is dedicated to building an entire neighborhood for homeless dogs, and with the support of the community, they can make a difference in the lives of many dogs.

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