Puppy Returned to Shelter for Being “Too Evil” Gets a Second Chance

I recently came across a heartbreaking rumor about a puppy named Giggle. Word had it that she was returned to the shelter for being “too evil.” Naturally, my curiosity was piqued. Why would anyone label a puppy as evil?

Puppy Returned to Shelter for Being "Too Evil"

Upon inquiring, I was told that Giggle was returned because she “scratches and jumps.” In other words, she was returned for being… a puppy. At just nine weeks old, Giggle is still learning about the world around her. She’s bound to be bouncy, wild, and yes, even a little nippy. That’s what puppies do. They’re filled with energy, curiosity, and a zest for life.

Puppy Returned to Shelter for Being "Too Evil"

But here’s the thing about puppies: they’re not just cute little furballs. They require patience, understanding, and a lot of work. They need guidance, direction, and most importantly, love. Without these, their boundless energy can quickly turn into bad habits. It broke my heart to think that Giggle, already so unsure of herself, was taken to a home only to be returned shortly after. At such a tender age, every experience shapes their personality and trust in humans.

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During my time with Giggle, I noticed her trying to play with my shoe, mistaking it for a toy. Instead of scolding her, I redirected her attention to a proper toy. This is the essence of puppy training – it’s less about strict discipline and more about redirection and establishing healthy habits. If you’re considering adopting a puppy, you need to be prepared. Either have prior experience or be ready to learn on the go.

Puppy Returned to Shelter for Being "Too Evil"

Some might label Giggle as “evil” because of her spirited nature. But I see a curious, playful and silly puppy. These are commendable traits in any dog, regardless of their size. And let’s be real, Giggle weighs less than a bag of Oreos! Sure, she might need a couple of hours of playtime before settling down for a short nap, but that’s the joy of having a puppy.

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I’m thrilled to share that Giggle found her forever home that very day. She was adopted by a loving family who sees past the misconceptions and understands the commitment of raising a puppy. A huge shoutout to the team at Animal Friends of the Valleys for their relentless dedication to these animals. If you’re inspired by stories like Giggle’s and want to make a difference, consider becoming a member. I’ll drop the link in the comments for those interested.

Puppy Returned to Shelter for Being "Too Evil"

Remember, every animal deserves a chance at love and understanding. Let’s be the change they need.

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