10 Best CBD Dog Treats on the Market

Cannabidiol–or CBD–is a naturally occurring cannabinoid found in the hemp plant which is known to promote relaxation, ease anxiety, and ease physical discomfort associated with chronic pain and inflammation. Just one of the cannabinoids found in the hemp plant, CBD does not have any psychoactive effects, and only impacts the body, not the brain. 

For dogs, CBD treats can help to relieve anxiety, improve sleep, and help support positive behavior. Dogs with separation anxiety, fears of loud noises, nerves around new people, or suffer from any kind of anxiety can especially benefit from CBD, especially in moments where stressful triggers are inevitable–for example, in a thunderstorm. 

Here, I’m covering ten of the best CBD dog treats on the market, and sharing what makes each one worthy of a place in the top ten. 

1. Relievet Salmon + CBD Freeze-Dried Treats

Relievet Salmon + CBD Freeze-Dried Treats

Buy From Relievet | $69.95

If you are looking for an all-natural, simple-ingredient CBD treat, you’ll fall in love with this option from Relievet. Made with just two ingredients–salmon and CBD–these treats are super tasty with no filler or additives. 

CBD Content3–6 mg. per treat
CBD TypeBroad-spectrum
Treat Type & TextureFreeze-dried, crumbly
Notable IngredientsWild-caught Alaskan Salmon–omega-3 fatty acids

2. Charlotte’s Web Calming Chicken Chews

CBD Dog Treats

Buy From Charlotte’s Web | $19.99

Charlotte’s Web is a well-known CBD company that began by offering human CBD products and has branched out to include pet products in their line. Made from full-spectrum hemp extract, these chews also include other sleep aids like valerian root, passionflower extract, and chamomile. 

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Cannabinoid Content2.5 mg per chew
CBD TypeFull-spectrum
Treat Type & TextureChew, soft
Notable IngredientsValerian root–promote deep sleep, relieves stress and anxiety

3. Dad Grass CBD Dog Bones

CBD Dog Treats

Buy From Dad Grass | $25.00

Dad Grass also uses human-grade CBD in their CBD dog treats and has made their biscuit recipe completely vegan, gluten-free, and delicious! Featuring pumpkin to make these treats extra tempting to your pooch, these crunchy bones will definitely be a hit with dogs who like cookies. 

CBD Content4 mg per bone
CBD TypeFull-spectrum
Treat Type & TextureBiscuit, hard
Notable IngredientsPumpkin–for flavor!

4. Innovative Extracts Peanut Butter Biscuits

CBD Dog Treats

Buy From Innovative Extracts | $25

Innovative Extracts goes the extra mile when baking their Peanutbutter Biscuits, carefully hand-crafting each batch using all-natural ingredients. In addition to the calming CBD, these dog treats contain at least 80 other beneficial cannabinoids and healthy compounds to help support general health and wellness.

CBD Content5 mg per biscuit
CBD TypeFull-spectrum
Treat Type & TextureBiscuit, hard
Notable IngredientsPeanut butter–for flavor!

5. Okoa Pet Hush, Puppy CBD+ Calming Soft Chews

Buy From Okoa Pet | $19.99

If you have a peanut butter lover, these tasty chews from Okoa Pet will tantalize their taste buds. Soft and chewy, these CBD dog treats include additional soothing ingredients like chamomile, tryptophan to increase serotonin, and choline to increase dopamine production. 

CBD Content5 mg per chew
CBD TypeBroad-spectrum
Treat Type & TextureChew, soft
Notable IngredientsGerman chamomile–soothing, anti-inflammatory

6. Paw CBD Baked Cheese Flavor Hard Chews

CBD Dog Treats

Buy From Paw CBD | $24.99

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Paw CBD’s broad-spectrum hemp extract includes CBD, CBG, and CBN for full-body wellness, and are formulated in three different strengths so you can choose the right option for your pooch. Small-dose hard chews start at 5 milligrams of CBD per treat, 15 mg at the next level, and finally the most potent version at 20 mg of CBD per treat. 

CBD Content5, 15, or 20 mg. per chew
CBD TypeBroad-spectrum
Treat Type & TextureBiscuit, hard
Notable IngredientsHoney–a natural antioxidant

7. PETLYcbd CBD Pet Chews Natural Beef Flavor

PETLYcbd CBD Pet Chews Natural Beef Flavor

Buy From PETLYcbd | $29.99

Bioavailability is the name of the game for PETLYcbd, which is why their formula includes just 2.5 mg of CBD. The additional bioavailability comes from the unique water-soluble formula which allows for faster CBD absorption and uptake. 

CBD Content2 mg per chew
CBD TypeBroad-spectrum
Treat Type & TextureChew, soft
Notable IngredientsFlax seed–omega-3 fatty acids

8. Super Snouts Hemp Company Chill+Out Calming Hemp Chews

CBD Dog Treat

Buy From Amazon | $44.99

CBD treats from Super Snouts Hemp Company are carefully crafted for superior, more rapid absorption to enable fast-acting relief for anxious pups. In addition to these CBD dog treats, Super Snouts Hemp Company also creates several other CBD formulas with added ingredients for joint health, pain relief, digestive support, and more. 

CBD Content5 mg per chew
CBD TypeBroad-spectrum
Treat Type & TextureChew, soft
Notable IngredientsChamomile–calming, anti-inflammatory

9. Yup Pup Tasty Bacon Hemp Treats

Yup Pup Tasty Bacon Hemp Treats

Buy From Yup Pup | $29.99

Yup Pup hemp treats are formulated as an all-in-one solution for joint pain, anxiety, and healthy digestion. Made with flavorful bacon to make sure your dog eats every crumb, you can feel good about your dog snarfing these treats thanks to the all-natural ingredients.

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CBD Content5 mg per treat
CBD TypeBroad-spectrum
Treat Type & TextureBiscuit, hard
Notable IngredientsBacon–for flavor!

10. Zesty Paws Hemp Elements Plus Calming Bites

Zesty Paws Hemp Elements Plus Calming Bites

Buy From Zesty Paws | $28.97

Zesty Paws is a widely available dog treat and supplement brand best known for its skin and coat supplements. Now branching out to offer a larger variety, Zesty Paws also has Calming Bites formulated with hemp extract and CBD for more restful sleep and lower-anxiety days. 

CBD Content5 mg per chew
CBD TypeBroad-spectrum
Treat Type & TextureChew, soft
Notable IngredientsMelatonin–to support restful sleep

CBD Dog Treats FAQ

Have questions about giving your dog CBD for stress, anxiety, pain, or digestion? Here are some of the common questions other dog owners have about CBD dog treats. 

How much CBD should I give my dog?

1-5 mg of CBD per 10 lbs of weight is the general dosing recommendation for dogs. So, for example, a 20 lb dog could safely take between 2-10 mg of CBD. 

Note that giving your dog too much CBD will not result in serious injury or illness–too much CBD will instead cause lethargy.

What is broad-spectrum vs. full-spectrum CBD?

Broad-spectrum CBD has been processed to remove some of the cannabinoids, terpenes, and other compounds. While you still get the benefits of CBD from broad-spectrum hemp extract, you don’t get the benefits of the full spectrum of compounds. 

Full-spectrum CBD contains all of the naturally occurring compounds and has not been processed to remove any cannabinoids. In general, full-spectrum is considered more beneficial, but both versions of CBD are useful for soothing anxiety. 

Does CBD come from cannabis?

Yes! The cannabis plant can produce a variety of cannabinoids, including CBD. For a product to be considered a CBD product under federal law, it must contain less than 0.3% THC, a nearly undetectable amount. Because CBD products do not contain THC, they cannot produce the psychoactive effects sometimes associated with cannabis, despite being derived from the same variety of plants. 

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