Couple Promised to Make 17 Year Old Blind Dog’s Last Days Special. What They Achieved Was Beautiful

Dog owners Tony and Alexa are all too familiar with the love of a pet, but even these seasoned pros couldn’t have imagined the impact one small dog would have. Scrapper was only with his owners and four-legged siblings for a few months following his rescue by Frosted Faces Foundation, but during that time, this deaf and blind dog left massive pawprints on his rescuers’ hearts.

Couple Promised to Make 17 Year Old Blind Dog's Last Days Special. What They Achieved Was Beautiful

Welcoming a ‘Super Senior’ to Frosted Faces

Scrapper’s journey begins in a Carlsbad, California, animal shelter in October 2023. The 17-year-old ‘super senior’ was sadly surrendered when his owner was hospitalized and unable to care for him. He had a heart murmur, cardiovascular disease, cataracts, and an age-related neurological condition called Canine Cognitive Dysfunction, but his rescuers were determined to make him as happy and comfortable as possible.

Couple Promised to Make 17 Year Old Blind Dog's Last Days Special. What They Achieved Was Beautiful
via Frosted Faces Foundation

After just one short day in the shelter, Frosted Faces gave Scrapper his well-deserved ‘freedom ride.’ He spent time with a foster owner, who got to know more about him and his routines, but it wasn’t long before he was matched with the perfect adopters. He wasn’t even in the rescue’s system for a week!

Filling Scrappers Final Days With Peace and Love

Alexa and Tony fell even more in love with senior dog Scrapper than they anticipated. Of course, he needed several weeks of patience while he adjusted to his new home, new siblings, and new owners, but it was only a matter of time before the little dog fit in naturally with his forever family.

In a Facebook update from Frosted Faces, Alexa and Tony gushed about their newest addition. They explained, “Being blind and deaf, it was confusing for him at first, but now that he knows his humans, he’s happy to just sit and nap next to us all day. We haven’t had to make many adjustments for him, just be patient while he was settling in and getting used to his new home. My other dogs got along with him right away, and he’s pretty indifferent towards them, so that wasn’t an issue. We just had to make a little extra room in our bed for him!”

As Scrapper got more and more used to his loving family, he started to enjoy going everywhere with them. He became especially fond of tagging along in a wearable sling and napping on his owners’ laps, which he did daily until he peacefully passed away on March 9.

In a touching Frosted Faces Facebook post, ‘Scrappie’s’ owners reflected on the joy and love he brought into their lives; “We miss Scrappie so much. He was only with us for a short time but he made such a huge impact on our family. It was so special seeing him become comfortable with us and seeing his anxiety go away.”

Thanks to Alexa, Tony, and the entire team at Frosted Faces, so many senior dogs like Scrapper get to live out their golden years in peaceful, loving homes. This Southern California-based rescue always has adoptable senior dogs in need of unconditional love, so please check out their website or social media pages if you want to learn more.

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