Rescued Senior Dog Dumped in Mexico Now Enjoys a Life Full of Cheeseburgers & Car Rides

Lexi, a gentle Pit Bull, bore the scars of a brutally hard life when she was rescued from the streets of Tijuana. Her body showed the harrowing signs of repeated breeding until she was spent, then heartlessly discarded. When taken in by a local Mexican rescue, the vacant look in her eyes revealed a dog who had never experienced human kindness or socialization.

Rescued Senior Dog Dumped in Mexico Now Enjoys a Life Full of Cheeseburgers & Car Rides

But Lexi’s story was about to take an astonishing turn. On April 18, 2020, the 10-year-old former breeding dog caught the eye of Frosted Faces Foundation, a senior dog rescue that gives forgotten pups like her a chance at the loving life they deserve. They swooped in to save Lexi, bringing her to a peaceful foster home where she could start to decompress and learn what it means to be a cherished pet.

Finding Forever at Frosted Faces

The transformation was slow but remarkable. With patience and care, the rescue workers helped the former stray blossom into a happy, trusting dog. Her bright spirit emerged as she felt the warmth of affection for the first time. But Lexi’s fairy tale was just beginning.

Them, two months later she met her forever family. Suddenly, this dog who had never known compassion was being showered with love by both human and canine companions. She romped on an acre of land, went for endless car rides (her newfound passion), and eagerly learned every command and trick her doting owners taught her.

“When I brought her home, I found that she didn’t have any understanding of any basic commands in any language,” explains her owner. “The very first command I had to teach her was ‘stay.’ From then on, all other commands were easily learned. She is now so intuitive it’s like she likes in my head. I don’t even have to speak the words she just understands.”

It took mere minutes for Lexi’s forever family to discover just how much the rescue dog loves car rides. And four years after her rescue–nothing has changed! She loves to tag along wherever her mom goes, and she was spoiled tremendously in honor of her fourth ‘Frostiversary.’ A car ride and a cheeseburger sounds like the best way to celebrate!

A Special ‘Frostiversary’

The journey has not been effortless. Lexi faced scary health battles, bouncing back from mammary tumors, a terrifying misdiagnosis, and medication-induced weight gain. But her unshakable family stuck by her side through it all. They will have plenty of car rides and off-road adventures to look forward to.

As she celebrates her 4th “Frostiversary” – the anniversary of her rescue – with her favorite cheeseburger and a car ride, Lexi is living proof that it’s never too late to receive the love and joy every dog deserves. Her life is a tribute to the power of resilience, hope, and being seen at last.

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