Puppy Born In Jack in the Box Drive Thru, What Happens Next Is Pure Magic

Whether you rescued a puppy from a shelter last month or have been fostering dogs for decades, it doesn’t take long to realize just how loving and fun rescue dogs can be. They may need some time to adjust, of course, but shelter and stray dogs will love you just as much as (and maybe even more than) a pup you purchase from a breeder. They will be grateful for a warm home, delicious food, and endless pets–and they’ll be excellent company, too!

Dog rescue: Puppy Born In Jack in the Box Drive Thru Snuggles His Way Into a Forever Home

One dedicated dog mom named Lynn knows exactly what I mean. She and her husband, Tom, have fostered over a dozen dogs from their local shelter, CHEW Dog Rescue in Gig Harbor, Washington. Lynn first became involved in rescue after she retired from her career, and it took only one volunteer opportunity at an adoption event to fall in love with a special little puppy. 

From Fast Food to Forever Home

By the time Lynn met Jack, an 8-week-old Chiweenie pup, in 2015, the tiny dog had already made a big impression on his rescuers. Jack’s mom had been rescued from Eastern Washington and was in the car on her way home when she unexpectedly went into labor. No one knew she was pregnant! 

Dog rescue: Puppy Born In Jack in the Box Drive Thru Snuggles His Way Into a Forever Home

Much to her foster mom’s surprise, the first puppy was born right in the Jack in the Box drive-through, and he was immediately given the perfect name–Jack! His twin brother, Jasper, arrived not long after, and all three were put up for adoption by CHEW Dog Rescue when the pups turned 8 weeks old. And that’s when Lynn comes in! She was volunteering at adoption events when the little family of dogs started coming, too. 

She explains, “Jack’s cute little face just spoke to me, so I reached into his kennel and snuggled him most of the time at any CHEW event we were both at. If I was wearing a zip-up jacket or sweatshirt, he was inside against my body sleeping or poking his head out now and then at the top to see what was happening and duck back down.” 

Then, when Jack was 10 weeks old, Lynn and her husband Tom became his emergency foster parents. It was only a matter of days before they asked to adopt him, but it took several weeks before it was official. As of April 2015–he was theirs! 

Dog rescue: Puppy Born In Jack in the Box Drive Thru Snuggles His Way Into a Forever Home

The Missing Piece of the Pack

Each day that they spent together, Lynn fell more and more in love with the tiny puppy. At first, however, she was nervous about his small size. He could fit in the palm of her hand! They also had a Blue Heeler/Border Collie mix at home and were concerned about whether they would get along, but Jack and his new brother Teebo quickly eased their worries. 

While Teebo thought Jack was “the best gift we ever brought him,” Jack was eager and confident when meeting his new sibling. From the very start, he’s been the alpha of the house, and he has zero idea just how small he is. He even got along with the family’s cats as a puppy, so Lynn knew he would have no issues whatsoever. 

Dog rescue: Puppy Born In Jack in the Box Drive Thru Snuggles His Way Into a Forever Home

And she was right! Jack has lovingly welcomed many other fur siblings into their home–both family dogs and fosters from CHEW–and has become the sweetest little ‘snuggle bug’ in the 9 years he’s spent at home. While he’s never known abuse or neglect, he’s been welcoming and sweet to the fosters and fur siblings who have seen hard times. 

He and his sisters, Cleo and Daisie, have even been a support system for their dad, Tom, who was diagnosed with cancer in 2020. Lynn is grateful that they “have kept him company and supported him, plus they keep him focused on them and their needs instead of his cancer and chemo.” At night, one would find all five of them snuggled in bed, though Jack always scoots a little closer to Lynn whenever he can. She believes that their earliest days of sweatshirt snuggles at adoption events have shaped the way the little Chiweenie interacts with his loved ones, and I think she’s right! 

Dog rescue: Puppy Born In Jack in the Box Drive Thru Snuggles His Way Into a Forever Home

Jack’s story may have had an unexpected start, but this tiny pup has brought a massive amount of love to his home, his owners, and now to his readers, too. Happy tails, Jack and Lynn!

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