Senior Dog Abandoned by Owner, Gets New Lease on Life Thanks to the Kindness of Strangers

Has a friend or family member ever accidentally left you behind? Even if it was only for a moment, it’s a terrible thing to experience. It can make you wonder what a dog must feel when the only people they’ve ever known depart without them permanently. (See video below)

Dog Rescue

It’s even more agonizing to consider when it’s a loyal senior dog who awaits their return. After providing their humans with a lifetime of love, how could anyone not want them anymore? This heartbreaking scenario happens far too often. Thankfully, we can find some solace in knowing some kind hearted people do all they can to make it right.

Dog Rescue

Brittany, the kind soul who rescued this dog, saw a post about her on a hometown Facebook page. The post revealed that a rental property owner discovered this dog on the porch while inspecting the home. The owner watched on camera and noticed that this dog was there both day and night. After seeing the helpless animal, she started bringing food daily, but the dog was too frightened to let her come near. It was when she took a photo from a distance that she caught the attention of this rescuer. Brittany reports, “When I saw it, I just knew I had to help her.” Thankfully, the owner provided her with the address and granted her permission to go to the property.

Bringing Her to Safety

The next morning, when she arrived, she could see this sweet dog was frightened, but she knew precisely what to do. She reveals, “It took me some time to get her to take treats from my hand, so I could then rope her with a leash. I honestly think she knew I was there to help her because she didn’t put up any fight or anything.” Dogs have a way of sensing kindness.

Dog Rescue

Giving Her With the Help She Needed

After she leashed her, she drove her to the shelter for a check-up. Here she received shots, dewormer, and flea medication. Although they could find a microchip, Brittany reveals, “The ‘owners’ are not reachable. The shelter and I are now investigating.” After receiving her medication, she took her home and bathed her, as this sweet girl was filthy from spending so much time outside.

A Happy Ending in the Making

Dog Rescue

After just a week in her care, Brittany joyfully shares that this girl is making a comeback. “She is 10 1/2 years old, and she’s an old soul. She’s on antibiotics because she has serious ear infections which are causing a loss of hearing (I’m hoping her hearing comes back, but I’m not sure if it will, due to how bad they are) and she has infections all over the skin, but she is already on her healing journey.” Hopefully, she’ll make a complete recovery. It  appears from these videos that her heart has already begun to heal. She’s even becoming friends with the other dogs.

Dog Rescue

As for her name, Brittany shares, she wants to call her Cali. It sounds perfectly cheerful for this girl, who now has many better days ahead. Thanks to the second chance she was given.

Watch this touching story of hope in this video shared on February 1:

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