Bobo, The Forever Immortal Chihuahua, Turns 23!

Everyone wants to live forever. Longevity in life is one of everyone’s greatest desires, and Bobo, the little Chihuahua that could, has now turned 23. If that wasn’t incredible enough, just like humans might, he now lives in an assisted living community. (But for dogs… […]

Miracle Dog Rescued After 60 Hours In Badger Den

A “miracle” dog is lucky to be alive after being trapped underground for more than 60 hours. Winston, a black cocker spaniel, was having a normal day romping in the woods with his human companions, Heather and Alex Peake, when Winston’s excellent sense of smell […]

denali gives birth to 11 puppies

Dog in Labor Rescued Just in Time has 11 Puppies! ❤️

I have such a sweet spot for rescuing pregnant moms because you’re saving puppies as well as the mamma. Denali’s story is really touching because she was rescued last minute and was able to give birth in a loving and safe environment while also learning […]

puppy couldn't walk until this happened

Puppy couldn’t walk until this happened

Seeing this little pit bull puppy walk and run now without a wheelchair makes me so happy 😍🐶 Dogs are such an inspiration and Cowboy is proof of that. When you adopt a dog you’re saving a life and in my experience the dogs life […]

“Your Dog Saved Your Life”, Can Dogs Smell Cancer?

“I had heard that dogs could smell cancer so I said to my husband, 'Brian, should I go and get this checked out?’ My dog started sniffing and at that point, I knew I needed to do something about it.”