Dog and butterflies

Are Dogs Color Blind? 

You may have heard dogs only see in black and white, but that's not exactly true. Color Blindness in dogs is more complicated than you think!
Kobe is blind. I let him play with a toy that is awesome for blind dogs

9 Best Toys for Blind Dogs on Amazon

I've fostered multiple blind dogs and know what I’m sharing this list of toys that are fun, stimulating, and available on Amazon! 
Cloudy eyes dogs

7 Serious Causes of Cloudy Eyes in Dogs

While there are many possible reasons for cloudy eyes in dogs, some conditions can be prevented, or at least treated, if you catch them early on.
Blind Rescue Dog Plays in Ocean For First Time

Blind Rescue Dog Plays in Ocean For First Time

Garbanzo is a 15 month old Border Collie mix who’s about 90% blind and walks a with a little wobble. This blind dog has never lived in a home setting and would really love to find a forever home. Luck is on his side as he's being featured in Rocky Kanaka's series Dog's Day Out