About Gabrielle LaFrank

Gabrielle LaFrank is a nonfiction writer, poet, dog mom, and a graduate of San Jose State University. During her time at SJSU, she served as President of the Poets & Writers Coalition and self-published a children’s book about her open adoption titled Born From My Heart. She also released mantra for the lonely--an eclectic poetry chapbook--in 2020.

You can find her other articles on websites such as PawTracks, PetHelpful, Elle, and Seventeen. Outside of writing, Gabrielle enjoys crafting, attending hockey games, and quality time with her dogs, Carter the cockapoo and Jack the husky/Malamute.

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April 17, 2024
Watch the touching journey of Honey, a dog abandoned and howling by the roadside, whose life takes a heartwarming turn thanks to a kind rescuer.
April 17, 2024
Titan’s first adopter wasn’t prepared to give this smart, energetic dog everything he needed, but his rescuers are determined to find him a home!
April 15, 2024
This blankie-loving Siberian Husky is winning over his friends at the shelter, but he’s yet to win over the heart of an adopter. Meet Larz!
April 14, 2024
After being shot three times, resilient Daisy Hope is living up to her name. She’s recovering more and more every day, and is ready for a forever home.
April 13, 2024
After being rescued from hoarding and giving birth, Ruth’s trials weren’t over. This brave mama dog takes resilience to a whole new level!
April 13, 2024
Since a litter of puppies were abandoned at a vet’s office, rescuers have been working up and down the East Coast to find them forever homes.
April 12, 2024
This small senior dog hasn’t given up hope, even after being abandoned and facing a few health concerns. In fact, he’s ready for a whole new ‘leash’ on life!
April 12, 2024
When a stray dog followed them home, these kindhearted sisters refused to stand by. Their whole family teamed up to support this sweet dog.
April 11, 2024
This lovebug Boxer mix may be a diaper dog, but he’s got just as much love, personality, and zest for life as any other dog. He just needs his forever person!
April 9, 2024
In just a few weeks, this young abandoned dog is going to look like an entirely different pup. We can’t wait to see it!