Precious Pit Bull’s Friendship With Tiny Kitten Proves How Intuitive & Gentle Dogs Can Be

You may have heard about ‘gentle giants’ and ‘nanny dogs,’ but it’s entirely different to see dogs’ intuition and care in action. Many dogs are as gentle as can be around children, seniors, and those in distress, and it often comes completely naturally. (Watch video below)

Precious Pit Bull's Friendship With Tiny Kitten Proves How Intuitive & Gentle Dogs Can Be

Wisconsin-based dog mom Ashley learned this firsthand when she witnessed the heartwarming friendship that bloomed between her Pit Bull and their brand-new kitten. The gray Pittie is as sweet as can be with the curious kitten, and it’s no surprise that the friends’ TikTok videos are going viral. Friends don’t get any cuter than this!

This is every pet owner’s dream! It’s heartwarming to watch an existing pet accept a new bestie as naturally as this big sister did, and I’m sure Ashley feels the love, too. Who wouldn’t feel all fuzzy inside while watching a dog and kitten play together? The brave baby cat didn’t think twice about asking their new sibling to play, and it paid off in the most wonderful ways.

Patient & Loving Pit Bulls

Ashley deserves a major pat on the back for raising such a kind and easygoing dog, but it’s worth pointing out that breed may be working in this pup’s favor, too. Dogs of any breed can be patient and sweet, but Pit Bulls have always been known for gentle interaction and wonderful social skills. And yes–they can get along well with cats, too!

“The emotional intelligence of a Pit Bull is incredible,” agreed commenter @cluttrell51. No kidding! This welcoming girl is as thoughtful as can be while interacting with the baby. After all, pit bulls were bred to be loyal and protective companions, so it’s no wonder these traits carry over to many pitties, even today.

No matter how much breed has to do with it, there’s no doubt that @ashleygirl33 has a good girl on her hands!

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