Dog Rescued from Flea Market Scores Private Plane Ride But Still Needs Forever Family

What’s soft as a cotton ball, smart as a whip, and thrives in the water? No, this isn’t a riddle–these are descriptions of one of the cutest adoptable puppies you’ll ever lay eyes on. Meet Bianca!

This fluffy mixed-breed princess has already been through a lot in her short life, but she’s looking for her Happily Ever After. She currently lives with a foster through All Shepherd Rescue in Maryland, but her fairytale actually began in Lexington, North Carolina. It’s taken the trust and selflessness of many strangers to help her–and her mom and siblings–but now she’s a happy growing gal with plenty of people looking out for her. She’s no damsel in distress, but she’s ready for her person to sweep her off her feet!

Dog Rescued from Flea Market Scores Private Plane Ride But Still Needs Forever Family

Strangers, Pilots, & Paws Providing Second Chances

Once upon a time, Bianca and her siblings were born in North Carolina. However, they were nearly sold at a flea market (alongside their mom) by a well-meaning but misguided person. Thankfully, someone knowledgeable in dog rescue saw them before anyone else did, and they set up emergency fosters in the Lexginton area while reaching out to dozens of dog rescues.

It wasn’t long before All Shepherd Rescue offered to help. Other rescues stepped up too, and all puppies and their mom were headed to loving foster homes! But there was just one problem: ASR, the rescue that was set to take Bianca, was located states away in Maryland.

Dog Rescued from Flea Market Scores Private Plane Ride But Still Needs Forever Family

Thankfully, ASR is partnered with an organization called Pilots & Paws which helps in situations exactly like this. A young man volunteered to fly from his home in Virginia all the way to North Carolina to pick up the little mixed-breed puppy, and on May 6, 2024, she was starting her next chapter.

A Fluffy, Fun-Loving Foster Girl

After a series of weather delays and complications, one tired pilot (and one even more exhausted puppy) made it to Maryland safely. Bianca was immediately sent to a foster home, where she was finally beginning to relax and show her true colors. After about a month–she’s acting like a typical happy puppy!

Bianca’s fluffy white fur and eye-catching green eyes can be attributed to her Golden Retriever and German Shepherd genetics, but her outgoing personality is one in a million. She has the puppy energy you know and love, but she’s also incredibly smart and playful. At just 5 months old, she’s already a pro at playing fetch (she even brings the ball back and drops it for you), and she can’t get enough of playing in her kiddie pool. She’ll be the perfect pal for all kinds of summertime activities!

If you’re interested in meeting Bianca, you must live near Maryland, provide your own transportation for you and your potential dog, and fill out an adoption application on their website. Once your application is approved, you can schedule a meet and greet with this pretty princess. Who knows–could meeting her become your Happily Ever After?

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