Stray Dog With 500 Ticks Loses Will to Live, Until Rescuers Step In

A few days ago a team of rescuers embarked on a heartbreaking mission when were told about a street dog in dire condition . After searching, they found the bully breed they named Mr. Big, lying helplessly on the cold floor of an abandoned temple. His tick-infested, frail body and defeated eyes showed he had given up on surviving. Determined to save him, the rescuers from Thailand’s Happy Doggo, led by founder Niall Harbison, gently approached the scared Mr. Big. They helped him up and took him to a veterinarian for urgent medical care, hoping to change his tragic fate.

Stray Dog With 500 Ticks Loses Will to Live, Until  Rescuers Step In

The Health Horror….

Once at the vet, it was established that Mr Big had a severe case of anemia caused by the nearly 500 ticks that had turned him into a snack day and night. He had ticks almost everywhere you could imagine: between his paws, behind his ears, under his belly…you name it.

Stray Dog With 500 Ticks Loses Will to Live, Until  Rescuers Step In

Besides the chronic tick infestation, vets also found that Mr Big had a serious ear infection that required intensive treatment. His medical examination was a disheartening affair for those involved, as the extent of her physical suffering became apparent. Still, it marked the beginning of Mr Big’s long but promising road to recovery and the end to his plight.

Despite all the suffering, he exhibited a gentle demeanor, accepting all the help extended to him without hesitation.  

@happydoggoniall We got a message about this big guy last night and we knew we had to get him in quick. It took us about 30 minutes to find him in an old abandoned temple and we were just about to give up when Sybille @mydisabledhairyfriends found him in the back of a toilet. We took him to the vets and straight to Happy Doggo Land… 🐜 He had we would guess about 500 blood sucking ticks on him. 🩸He is very anemic and weak 👂🏽 He has a horrific ear infection that has him in agony. It will need very serious treatment. He was living in a local temple where he’d been left. It really felt like he was at the end of the road when we found him. He wouldn’t have lasted much longer and the saddest thing was he’d given up himself. It takes a lot for a dog to give up. He now has great food, lots of medicine, shelter and most importantly the love to get him better. With a good bath and some simple cleaning the ticks are already all gone. He’ll be feeling like a million dollars and slinking around with a big goofy smile on him in no time. His name is Mr Big ♥️ #rescuedog #dogsoftiktok #dogs #bullydogs ♬ For My Sweety – Kerangsakti77

A Fresh Start to Life

Mr Big is now part of the Happy Doggo family, where he receives all the love, care, and nutrition he needs to get better. Upon his arrival, he got to enjoy a long, refreshing bath, which reminded him of the simple pleasures of life that he had missed out on for so long. As we speak, Mr Big is now tick-free and on various medications to improve his health. 

Stray Dog With 500 Ticks Loses Will to Live, Until  Rescuers Step In

Mr Big no longer has to worry about being all by himself — and in pain — in an empty building; he’s surrounded by loving people doing all they can to see him blossom fully. The deep sadness and hopelessness he initially had in his eyes have now been replaced by a glimmer of hope and optimism for better days, all thanks to the people who took it upon themselves to rewrite his fate. 

For now, the Happy Doggo team is focused on seeing Mr Big make a full recovery. His journey from a potentially tragic outcome to a chance at a healthy, happier future just goes to show what teamwork and compassion can do to once-forsaken animals like Mr Big. 

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