Pit Bull Rescued from Shackles Gets Fairy Tale Ending Thanks To Caring Strangers

Every abused and neglected animal deserves a second chance at life, and for a 5-year-old pitbull named Ally, her chance came when she was fostered by a family in Tampa, Florida. Seven years ago, Lisa Crumbley and her husband John volunteered at New Life Dog Rescue in Riverview, Florida. There they met Ally, who had been rescued from a drug house that she had spent her whole life guarding. 

Pit Bull Rescued from Shackles
Meet Ally. She was chained up and forced to guard a drug house. The photo on the left is when she was first rescued. Notice how bad her skin was and how skinny. On the right is Ally living her best life.

The Sad Story of Ally’s First Five Years of Life

Ally knew nothing other than life on a chain. The neglected pitbull had nothing to do and couldn’t run and play like other dogs. She was hungry, sad, and bored. Wanting to be free, she spent her time chewing on her chain. She had done this for so long that her front teeth were worn down to almost nothing.

After the drug house was raided and Ally was rescued, she was not in good shape physically or mentally, and it was clear that she had been severely neglected. She had only ever lived outside, and had lost most of her hair from extreme sun exposure. She was underweight, heartworm positive, suffered from mange, and had a cancerous mole on her face. She needed help.

Pit Bull Rescued from Shackles

After being rescued, the only way that she would be able to live was if a rescue group found someone to foster her. Her foster mom Lisa said she knew the moment she met Ally that she was meant to be a part of their lives, “She was there laying in the back of her car and looking so defeated. I cried inside as I thought to myself, I will do whatever it takes and however long it takes to let you feel loved by a family.” Lisa and John discussed it and decided to give Ally a chance at happiness.

🔼This was Ally’s intake video, when she first arrived to the shelter. Look how skinny she was and the condition of her skin.

Ally’s Long and Difficult Transition to Happiness

Lisa and John knew that the road ahead of Ally would not be an easy one. They were concerned because they already had three dogs of their own at home, and Ally was not dog friendly. It would take patience, consistency, and time to introduce her to their pack of dogs.

Pit Bull Rescued from Shackles

The first two months the couple had to keep Ally completely separated from their three dogs. During that time, they focused on helping Ally heal – both mentally and physically – and on teaching her what a dog’s life should really be like. She slowly started to feel better and become comfortable in her new world. 

🔼 Ally living her best life!

Ally was adjusting to her new surroundings, and the couple decided it was time for Ally to meet their dogs. The first introductions were brief and closely supervised. Nobody was sure what to expect but Ally and the other dogs seemed to be getting along just fine. By about four months, they decided to try to let her off the leash so she could learn how to live freely with the other dogs. The dogs happily welcomed her into the pack, and began to teach Ally how to be a dog. 

Pit Bull Rescued from Shackles

Ally Finds Her Forever Family

Ally had lived with Lisa and John as their foster for about a year when one of their other foster dogs, a 16-year-old poodle named Buddy, passed away. As heartbroken as the couple was to lose one of their dogs, they decided it was time to make Ally a permanent part of their family by adopting her. Lisa said the decision was simple, “She (Ally) had been through so much and after a year with us, had a complete physical and mental transformation. It warmed my heart to see her run free with our dogs in our yard and swim in the lake and I told her she would NEVER be on a chain again.”

Pit Bull Rescued from Shackles

Ally has been with her family now for seven years! She got her fairy tale ending, and is happy being part of the pack. Lisa said that she’s even gaining weight in her senior years (something we can all relate to!) Lisa shared an update with us and said that Ally is living her best life. She loves being outside, swimming in the lake, her cozy bed and blankie, and she loves her toys, which she hoards in her bed. The other dogs don’t seem to mind. And my favorite thing that Lisa shared about Ally, “When it is time to eat she has the cutest wiggle butt.”

I whisper in her ear at night when I tuck her in bed, “I love you” and I get misty eyed as I think about how loved and cherished she is by our family and how far she has come. Till death do us part.”

Lisa Crumbley

The love that the family feels for Ally is evident in Lisa’s words, “I whisper in her ear at night when I tuck her in bed, “I love you” and I get misty eyed as I think about how loved and cherished she is by our family and how far she has come. Till death do us part.”

Pit Bull Rescued from Shackles

We all love a happy ending, and Ally definitely found hers! We wish Lisa’s family and fur kids the best!

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