Pitbull Still Homeless After Woman’s $10,000 Fundraiser. The Mystery Of Why No one Wants Cole

Lizz Kennedy, a commercial transactions attorney by day and an impassioned animal advocate by heart, refused to give up on a 5-year-old Pitbull mix named Cole, who once faced imminent euthanasia at a Los Angeles shelter.

Cole, A Loyal Pitbull

A Fateful Encounter

After a car accident left Cole injured and alone, he was brought in as a stray to the SEACCA shelter in Los Angeles in early April 2023. At the shelter, Cole received some medical treatment but faced the very real threat of euthanasia due to overcrowding and limited resources. His fate hung precariously until Kennedy intervened. “I couldn’t bear the thought of him being put down without a fight,”  Kennedy recalls, reflecting on her first encounter with Cole at the shelter.

So Many Obstacles

Kennedy’s journey with Cole was riddled with challenges, not least being his initial adoption by a cruel woman named Natalie. This misstep, occurring shortly after his shelter stay, nearly cost Cole his life, but Kennedy’s resolve didn’t waver. “It was heartbreaking, seeing him tossed aside like that. But it only strengthened my resolve to find him a home where he would be cherished,” she says.

Kennedy describes Cole as not just any dog, but one with an extraordinary spirit. “There’s something about Cole that captures your heart. He profoundly understands loyalty and has this deep-seated desire for connection and human companionship,” she reflects. “He’s not just a dog; he’s a companion waiting to devote himself entirely to someone who understands him.”

Cole profoundly understands loyalty and has this deep-seated desire for connection and human companionship

Lizz Kennedy
Cole, A Loyal Pitbull

$10,000 Raised

Undeterred, Kennedy took it upon herself to ensure Cole’s safety and well-being. She spearheaded fundraising efforts, raising over $10,000 through three GoFundMe campaigns for Cole’s boarding and training. “It’s more than just about saving a dog; it’s about giving him a chance to thrive,” Kennedy emphasizes.

Cole’s transformation at Desert Dog Homestead, where he underwent rehabilitation and training, marked a significant turnaround in his life. “Cole is exceptional. His understanding of loyalty and yearning for companionship sets him apart,” Kennedy shares, highlighting his remarkable spirit.

Cole, A Loyal Pitbull

Why No One Wants Cole

Despite his $10,000 training, there has been zero interest in Cole. Why?

1) He’s a pitbull mix

2) He’s black (black dog syndrome)

3) In the past he was a little dog reactive (although he’s not anymore).

4) He’s in an area that already has an overpopulation of stray and shelter dogs.

“He has demonstrated in the training how intelligent he is by internalizing his training and making the immense progress he has,” Kennedy said. “He also is a testament to how a dog can THRIVE when someone invests in them.”

Cole is a testament to how a dog can THRIVE when someone invests in them.”

Lizz Kennedy

Waiting In The Desert

Today, Cole is still waiting for a forever home in Twentynine Palms, a challenging location for dog adoptions. Kennedy’s relentless efforts, including promotion through Cole’s Instagram page @cole.in.cali have yet to yield the desired outcome. “There has just been zero interest in Cole,” even though he is the sweetest dog.

A $1000 Pledge for Cole’s Future

Kennedy’s mission for Cole extends beyond temporary rescue. “This is about a permanent, loving home where he will never face uncertainty again,” she asserts. She’s willing to donate $1,000 to a reputable 501c3 organization that takes Cole in, emphasizing her commitment to his future.

Cole, A Loyal Pitbull

Kennedy’s story with Cole is more than a tale of rescue; it’s a testament to the impact one person can have on an animal’s life. “For Cole, I’m committed to seeing this through. He deserves that chance,” Kennedy concludes with determination.For more information or to offer support, email. Lizz direction on [email protected] or reach out on instagram @poochposse and @cole.in.cali or visit Desert Dogs Homestead.

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