This French Bulldog Has Worst Case Of Mange Vet Had Ever Seen (+ tips to get rid of it)

Nugget’s Adopter:
She was picked up off the street. She had a really bad case of Demodex mange. They said that was like the worst case of mange she’d seen. It pretty much covered her whole body. She almost had no hair. She also had eye ulcers. It was really heartbreaking. She had to be admitted to the hospital for two weeks. And then I saw her and I was like, oh my God, I need to meet this dog.

French Bulldog covers in worst case of mange

As soon as I met her, she just walked up to me, she let me pick her up and hold her. And she like started closing her eyes and my arms. And it was just perfect. I adopted her through True North Rescue. True faithful, picked her up and took care of her and got her back to health. And then they sent her up to New York. Her transformation is really all thanks to them. True faithful and Lisa and the team are amazing. They check in on her all the time. She still needed to continue with medicated baths, frequently… Um, eye drops for her ulcers and other meds. And I was ready to take on the challenge. I’ll do anything for her.

French Bulldog covers in worst case of mange

So when she first got here, she was very timid, did not want to go up and down the stairs. She didn’t wanna walk through thresholds. She did not want to go to the bathroom outside and she wouldn’t go up to other dogs but we worked on that. In time she definitely overcame those obstacles. I think she knows that we’ve been helping her and that everybody along the way has been helping her. She was just always trusting and no matter what she was like, always loving. She’s been kind of an emotional support. She’s been helping me through the last year, but also just she’s become a companion. She gets me going out of the bed, gets me outside. She gets me moving. She makes me more social.

Nugget wearing pink cloth and chain

Nugget gets a lot of love on the internet… she has a lot of people that are very invested in her life. And, uh, she gets a lot of positive feedback. A lot of people are just happy to see that she is thriving now. When they watch her now they’re just, they say that it just builds them with so much happiness. Like I just like that she could bring happiness to other people. She’s just become like the most important thing to me. She’s like my heart. She has like my, everything.

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Nugget before & after recovery from mange

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How To Treat Mange in Dogs at Home

If you’ve had dogs for a while, frequently take in pups in need, or are interested in animal welfare and rescue efforts, you’ve probably encountered mange. This condition causes itchy, raw skin, and it’s a miserable experience for afflicted pups. There are many treatments for this mange, and your local veterinarian is the best resource for providing you with the right tools to handle the situation and can help in directly how to treat mange in dogs at home.

A dog with a mange case

However, if you’re in a bit of a bind and can’t get to a vet, there are still a few options available to you. Let’s look at some ways on how to treat mange in dogs at home, which can be handy as you wait for a veterinary appointment.

Natural Mange Remedies

When you’re treating mange, you need to be consistent. Without professional treatment, — and, sometimes, even with proper veterinary treatment — a severe mange infection can take upwards of four weeks to resolve.

If you have other dogs, cats, or mammals in your home, you should not try to treat mange by yourself! You’ll want to quarantine the infected pet, as mange is contagious. You’ll need to consult with your veterinarian to receive appropriate treatment. Regardless of whether or not you have physical access to your vet, it’s a good idea to call them before attempting any of these remedies. Some dogs may be allergic to the treatments, which will worsen their condition.

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Keep in mind that most of these treatments are focused on soothing the symptoms. They will not necessarily treat the source of the infection. Instead, the goal is to keep the infected pup comfortable until the infection runs its course or you can make it to your local veterinarian’s office.

Cold Compresses

Cold compress for mange treatment

If the mange infection is small and localized, a cold compress is a good way to ease your pup’s symptoms. After freezing a cold pack, wrap it in a towel and gently press this to the affected area. Your pup may protest this. If they’re getting really squirmy, then it’s best to stop trying to avoid injuries to you and your dog.

Aloe Vera Gel

Aloe vera gel

If you apply aloe vera gel, be sure that your dog can’t lick it off!

There are plenty of aloe vera gels on the market, but not all of them will be safe for dogs. Consult with your vet before using this treatment, and run the list of ingredients by them. In general, 100% aloe vera gels are the best option. If your vet approves this approach, apply a small amount to the infected areas. Once you’re done, you can wrap the area in bandages to dissuade your pups from licking or biting. You can also consider putting a cone or donut on your dog to limit their ability to reach the infected area. 

Olive Oil

olive oil

Applying a thin layer of olive oil to your pup’s mange spots may be messy, but some owners swear by it. This treatment rehydrates the skin, which is thought to ease the itching that mange causes. If your dog manages to lick some off, don’t stress, olive oil is safe for dogs in small amounts. 

How Can I Keep My Dog Healthy?

The only way to prevent mange is to avoid exposure. If you know a dog that has mange, or one of your pets has mange, it’s important to isolate them away from other mammals. Mange is highly aggressive and contagious, so minimizing exposure is extremely important. But at least now you know how to treat mange in dogs at home, if necessary

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To help your dog have a better chance of fast recovery from mange and other illnesses, make sure they are being fed a healthy diet, given plenty of exercise, and regularly checked by a veterinarian for immunity and general wellness. 

If you’re looking for ways to keep your dogs healthy, follow me! Be sure to check out my blog, too, because I’m constantly posting new information.

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