Blind Great Dane’s Desperate Plea For Love: Over 20 Senior Dogs Orphaned in Montezuma

Many dogs across the country find themselves alone when their owners pass away. Sometimes, family members take in these cherished pets. Other times, there is nowhere familiar for them to go. In the best of cases, loving families adopt these orphaned animals.

senior dogs

Sadly, seniors face an even greater challenge in finding new homes. Now imagine 20+ dogs, most of them 10 years or older, all orphaned at once. It’s a situation most big city shelters would struggle to manage, never mind a small community.

Source: Denkai Animal Sanctuary Facebook

Thankfully, when these innocent animals in Montezuma County Colorado lost their owner, the Denkai Animal Sanctuary stepped in to help. They are making desperate efforts to find homes for these dogs living outside in the cold. After losing their owner, these animals, previously rescued from adversity, now face hardship once again, through no fault of their own.

Many of these dogs have experienced unimaginable pain in their lives, yet they continue to live with hope. One of these sweet creatures, Girl, is among them. She tragically had her ears cut off on a reservation years ago, with either a knife or scissors. She had found solace with her owner until this caretaker was suddenly gone. 

Senior Dogs
Girl, this sweet dog may have tragically lost her part of ears from horrific abuse, but she didn’t lose her love for life.

This beautiful angel is good with other dogs and loves to be with people. Thankfully, she is now with a foster family and will be available for adoption after being evaluated. There is also a bonded pair that will touch your heart. Dexter, a blind Great Dane who relies on the protection and eyes of his loyal friend, Spike. Fortunately, Dexter has found a foster home, but Spike is still patiently waiting for a family to take him inside. 

Senior Dogs
Dexter, a blind Great Dane

Source: Floss Blackburn Facebook

Senior Dogs
Spike, A loyal and loving senior in desperate need of a forever or foster home.

 “Several of the dogs have lost their eyes from incidents that took place before they were rescued,” The Journal reports. 

“A veterinarian is working with Denkai to help vaccinate all the animals, as there is no vaccination history for them for the past six years.” However, “All the cats and dogs are spayed and neutered.” Every dog in this heart-wrenching story has a tale of inspiration, and each one deserves a shot at a new and joyful chapter. Be sure to stay tuned as these dogs undergo veterinary evaluation and become available for adoption.

Senior Dogs
Mary, a senior Great Pyrenees with so much love still to give. 

If you’re unable to adopt one of these dogs, you can still support the rescue and their mission by donating. These funds will help to feed these animals and get them the veterinary care they need. Another great way to help these innocent creatures find loving homes is by sharing their story. It could catch the attention of someone who may be willing and able to save a life. 

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