Puppy Abandoned in Crate in Below Freezing Temps Does Sweetest Thing When Rescuer Brings Her Home

One sweet puppy is recovering in a warm, safe home after a fluke miraculously saved her life. The pup, who has since been named Penelope Pepper, had been abandoned and left in the snow sometime before she was found on January 16. Clearly, someone intentionally left her there. (see rescue video below)

Puppy Abandoned in Crate in Below Freezing Temps

It was only 3 degrees Fahrenheit in Indianapolis when independent animal rescuer Cass Perch happened upon the freezing dog. She had been walking to the grocery store due to frozen pipes and a broken-down car, but that inconvenience ended up saving the dog and changing both of their lives.

Cuddles & Kisses 💋

Judging from the TikTok video Perch posted shortly after rescuing Penelope Pepper, she was distraught to see a dog–let alone a dog as sweet as her–left to suffer in the below-freezing temperatures. She immediately turned around and carried the pup home as soon as she found her, and Penelope was quick to say thank you. As the dog covered her emotional rescuer in cuddles and kisses, Perch could get a better look at her condition. Because a few of the puppy’s adult teeth have begun to grow in, Perch estimates shes about 6 months old.

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Because Penelope’s skin is in need of treatment, Perch started with a bath. Though her own pipes were frozen, a friend who works at a dog daycare was generous enough to offer their bathing facilities. Of course–she needed a trip to the pet store to pick out a stuffed toy first! She did well in the tub and was grateful to have a snack, but she also needed to don some adorable clothes to protect her many bald spots. Luckily–she looks so cute in them!

Taking in a Stray Dog Isn’t Easy, But It Saves Lives 

Puppy Abandoned in Crate in Below Freezing Temps

Perch and her friends made sure the rescue puppy was warm, fed, bathed, and walked–which can be a lot of work! The situation becomes more complex when you factor in uncontrollable events like snowstorms and broken cars, too, but Perch went above and beyond for the four-legged sweetheart. Penelope will be visiting a veterinarian to address her skin condition and the possibility of worms, but it couldn’t be clearer that she’s off to a wonderful start. 

Now that the dog’s basic needs are met, Perch is starting to help her with behavioral concerns, too. She can be food aggressive, which is understandable after her unknown, traumatic past, but this foster with a heart of gold is implementing tried-and-true techniques to help her learn and heal. 

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Even though Perch mentioned that she is completely unprepared to foster a dog right now, yet here she is, giving Penelope the best chance that she can. If you ask us, she is truly a hero! She’s asked for direct messages on TikTok from anyone in Indiana interested in adopting her, and we can’t wait to see what this loving dog’s future looks like.

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