Tears as Newly-Adopted Poodle Still Sleeps in Dirt After 2 Years of Neglect

Watching a rescue dog bloom into the most confident, healthy, happy version of themselves is such a gift. It may not be an overnight process but for owners of rescue pups like Ducky the Miniature Poodle, it’s worth every bit of effort, patience, and love. And that’s exactly how Ducky went from living outside to living in the lap of luxury!

Tears as Newly-Adopted Poodle Still Sleeps in Dirt After 2 Years of Neglect

This resilient little dog overcame many hardships before being adopted by Seattle-based cosmetic tattoo artist @loveofvie, who goes by V. She, her partner, and their current dog, Kipper helped change Ducky’s life for the better, but it’s taken the rescue pup some time to adjust to not living outside anymore. It’s both breaking and melting hearts!

Tears as Newly-Adopted Poodle Still Sleeps in Dirt After 2 Years of Neglect
via @loveofvie

From the Soil to the Sofa

Ducky’s story first went viral thanks to an April 17 TikTok video from V showing the sweet dog making herself comfortable in piles of dirt in the yard. She was still used to her old habits of sleeping outside despite being adopted in mid-March, but her new family couldn’t have been more patient and accepting. She had been forced to sleep outside for the first two years of her life.


Ducky now lives a very spoiled life with lots of fluffy beds and tasty treats. #dogrescue #rescuedogs #rescueanimals #rescuedog #rescuepuppy #animalrescue

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It’s easy to see why so many viewers felt heartbroken for Ducky. Clearly, she had been forced to live outside for a long time. In fact, V shared photos from Ducky’s adoption page that showed just how filthy and matted she was when she was rescued. Her body was caked in mud, her fur was completely matted, and she could barely see beneath her tangled coat.

Tears as Newly-Adopted Poodle Still Sleeps in Dirt After 2 Years of Neglect
via @loveofvie

When she was rescued, she was also bathed and shaved to get her comfortable. However, she still had a lot of healing left to do. But it wasn’t long until V and her partner welcomed them into their family and their home. Luxurious naps in the sun are the only kind of outdoor sleeping Ducky will do from now on!

Learning How to Be a Dog

The transition to her forever home wasn’t instant or easy. As V explains in a TikTok video one week after bringing Ducky home, the poor dog was so terrified that she would scream if they approached her! But she took immense comfort and guidance from her new canine brother, Kipper. It took him a while to get used to no longer being the only dog, but as Ducky began copying his every move and learning how to be a dog, he quickly accepted her.

Kipper showed Ducky that being petted feels so great, and now she can’t get enough! He also taught her about using dog beds and going potty outside, but most importantly, he showed her that she was safe and loved by this family! Before long, Ducky was even beginning to learn how to play with toys, thanks to her patient and loving big brother.

It’s beyond touching to watch this rescue dog’s transition from an outside dog to a beloved pet and companion, but surely no one loves it more than Ducky herself. V set up an Amazon Wish List just for Ducky and Kipper, and they’ve already received several rounds of fan mail from generous viewers. Now that this mini Poodle is getting used to the good life, she’ll be set up for life, too!

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