Watch the Moment Blind Deaf Dog Realizes Someone’s there to Help

I’ll never forget the first time I met Sister – a beautiful 3-year-old dog who, as it turned out, was both blind and deaf. As soon as I entered her kennel area, she came right over to me, sniffing intently. With her limited senses, smell was her only way to experience the world around her.

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Even without sight or sound, there was an unmistakable light in Sister’s eyes and a gentle wag in her tail as she figured out I was there. I could feel her curiosity and hunger for affection. This poor girl had already been through so much in her short life – abandoned not once, but twice. Yet her spirit remained beautifully intact.

The Mystery of the “Bobcat” Meows

With Sister cozied up beside me, Alexis came in to fill me in on her story. As she started explaining, we were interrupted by the most peculiar meowing I’ve ever heard. It sounded almost… wild!

Sitting With Dogs 40

“Are those bobcat kittens?!” I asked in disbelief. Alexis and I went back and forth discussing the possibilities as the ravenous meows continued. We were both so convinced they had to be baby bobcats! It wasn’t until one of the cat experts arrived that the mystery was solved – they were just regular domestic shorthair kittens with a very impressive set of pipes.

An Emotional Journey Revealed

With the feline sideshow resolved, Alexis filled me in on the sobering details of Sister’s journey. My heart sank as she recounted how this beautiful pup had been found running stray not once, but twice. The second time, she was brought in with scratches on her face and a coat messy with dirt and fleas.

Sitting With Dogs 40

Can you imagine being blind and deaf, with no idea where you are or what’s happening to you? The sense of fear and confusion this sweet girl must have felt is hard to fathom. What’s even harder is knowing her previous owners essentially abandoned her – twice – to fend for herself in that state.

Why Might Sister Be Blind and Deaf?

From my conversations with the vets and some observations, there are a couple of theories we’re considering about Sister’s condition.

1. Born This Way

One possibility is that Sister was born with these conditions due to genetic factors. Certain breeds and their mixes are more prone to congenital issues like deafness and visual impairments if they carry specific genes. For instance, dogs with white coats and blue eyes often have a higher predisposition to deafness. Although Sister’s breed isn’t definitively known, her physical characteristics might give us clues about genetic predispositions.

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If Sister is a double merle this genetic condition might be the underlying cause of her blindness and deafness. The double merle gene results from breeding two merle-colored dogs together, which can significantly increase the risk of sensory impairments. This condition is crucial to recognize as it not only affects how Sister is cared for but also highlights the importance of responsible breeding practices to prevent such severe genetic issues.

2. Health Complications

Another angle we’re looking into is health complications that could have led to her loss of sight and hearing. Severe infections, untreated illnesses, or accidents can sometimes result in sensory loss. Although we have no clear records of such incidents for Sister, it’s not uncommon for stray or abandoned dogs to have had traumatic experiences that leave lasting impacts.

3. Underdevelopment

Sitting With Dogs 40

The shelter vets mentioned that Sister’s eyes appear underdeveloped, a condition known as microphthalmia, where the eyes are smaller than normal and often non-functional. This could be a congenital issue, present from birth, which would explain her blindness. As for her deafness, without obvious signs of external trauma, it could also lean towards congenital deafness, where the inner ear fails to develop properly.

4. The Environmental Factor

Lastly, while less likely, we can’t completely dismiss environmental factors. Exposure to toxins, severe malnutrition, or other environmental stresses could potentially contribute to or exacerbate existing conditions. Given Sister’s unknown past, especially her time before arriving at the shelter, it’s a background detail that remains a bit of a mystery.

Coping and Caring

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Understanding the cause of Sister’s disabilities helps us tailor her care and prepare potential adopters for what to expect. It’s not just about managing her condition but ensuring she lives a full and happy life. Dogs like Sister can live wonderfully fulfilling lives with a bit of extra care and lots of love.

Each theory presents its own set of challenges and considerations, but at the end of the day, what matters most is how we support Sister now. She’s a special dog who, despite her limitations, shows immense love and trust. Her resilience is something that continues to amaze me every day.

A Ray of Hope Arrives

As the details kept coming, my heart just ached for Sister. She had already endured so much hardship and uncertainty in her short life. But a ray of hope arrived when a care package unexpectedly showed up at the shelter’s P.O. box.

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Inside was the most adorable assortment of plush toys and treats from a lovely person named Michelle. Although the gifts were initially intended for another pup, Michelle’s heart-touching note explained they were in memory of her beloved dog Oscar who had passed away from cancer.

Watching Sister discover the concept of “toys” for what was likely the first time, I was overcome with emotion. Here was this resilient, loving soul who had been denied even the simplest joys of doghood. But in that moment, she was being showered with kindness from a complete stranger.

As she batted the plush toys curiously, stopping to give them experimental licks and sniffs, I knew these gifts represented so much more than just playthings. They were a symbol of the loving future that awaited her – a future full of the comfort, security, and recreational delights that every dog deserves.

Paying It Forward

Sitting With Dogs 40

While Michelle’s care package was the highlight of my day with Sister, her heartfelt words also reminded me of something important. She wanted the gifts to be “paid forward” to Sister since the original recipient wasn’t able to enjoy them herself just yet.

In that moment, I was reminded of the ripple effect that one simple act of kindness can create. Michelle’s loving tribute to her beloved Oscar had now transformed into a boundless stream of happiness and healing for Sister. And who knows how Sister’s own journey will positively impact the next person or pup that comes into her life?

Kindness is utterly contagious when you allow it to spread freely. My goal is to “pay forward” the generosity that has been shown to all the rescue dogs I meet. Whether it’s amplifying their stories, providing comfort during their travels, or working tirelessly to find them perfect forever homes, each act allows Michelle’s beautiful gesture to ripple outward.

Sissy Loves Treats!

Sitting With Dogs 40

One of the sweeter moments I share with Sister is when I give her treats, which seems to light up her world. Despite her inability to see or hear, her sense of smell is incredibly sharp, and she can sniff out a treat from quite a distance. Each time I offer her a treat, it’s more than just a snack; it’s a way of communicating my presence and building trust. Watching her nose twitch as she zeroes in on the treat and the gentle nudge of her nose as she takes it from my hand is not only adorable but also a profound reminder of how she experiences affection and care. These small interactions are huge victories in Sister’s world, strengthening our bond and enhancing her confidence day by day.

A Bright Future Ahead

Sitting With Dogs 40

As my visit with Sister came to an end and I prepared to head out, I gave her a gentle hug, letting her franticly sniff and lick me one last time before standing up. Watching her run her velvety nose along the kennel bars to get her bearings, I thought about the long road she’d already traveled.

While the deck was undoubtedly stacked against this blind, deaf pup in many ways, her zest for life and affection was undeniable. I knew that somewhere out there, a special family was waiting to welcome her with open arms and open hearts.

In many ways, her unique perspectives would make her not just a cherished pet, but an insightful guru to anyone willing to look through her soulful eyes.

The world can be an incredibly harsh place at times. But dogs like Sister exist to remind us that even life’s darkest chapters can be overcome. All you need is an endless reserve of resilience, hope, and an open heart to spread kindness like wildfire.

Sitting With Dogs 40

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