Thai Street Dog Travels the Globe For His Happily Ever After in Montana

Mr. Fox was one of the first street dogs Niall Harbison—animal rescuer and founder of Happy Doggo—began to feed when he moved to Thailand in 2021. Named for his uncanny resemblance to a red fox, Mr. Fox lived in the jungle alone, but would always show up for daily feedings from Harbison and his team. 

Thai Street Dog Travels the Globe For His Happily Ever After in Montana

Happy Doggo is a charitable organization based in Thailand that spays and neuters street dogs in Thailand and throughout South East Asia, and provides them with medical treatment, food, and new adoptive homes. Life as a street dog can be hard, but with the help of Happy Doggo’s team, many of these dogs lead relatively safe lives. 

The Happiest Dog At Feeding Time

Mr. Fox is unique among street dogs—he’s always happy. When Niall would drive up to Mr. Fox’s jungle home on his moped, Mr. Fox would always bound out with a big smile and run alongside him. So excited not just for food but to see humans who loved him, Mr. Fox would be all smiles and wagging tails from start to finish of daily feedings. 

Thai Street Dog Travels the Globe For His Happily Ever After in Montana

Staff from Happy Doggo say that he was always the happiest dog on their feeding routes, and you can see just how much he adores humans in his videos posted by Happy Doggo on TikTok. He even likes to be held like a baby!

@happydoggoniall The happiest dog in the world has just gotten the happiest ending… Mr Fox was one of the street dogs we fed on our daily feeding rounds. He'd always greet us with a huge smile and a wag of his bushy tail. But he began to lose his family and became lonely. We were worried about him on the streets without his pack 🐕🦊 So when he got sick and came for a short stay, we decided to find him a home. We knew he'd make an amazing companion for lovely people 😍 Last week, Mr Fox travelled to Montana to meet his new family. True to his nature, he has settled in right away, charming his humans and making the best of friends with his new sister Sierra. He says he can't wait to see what his new country holds 🇺🇲 You did it Mr Fox!!! #streetdog #rescuedog #dogrescue #foreverhome #adoptdontshop #dog ♬ Piano Love – TonsTone

Making The Decision To Find Mr. Fox a Home

It’s not always possible to find homes or sanctuaries for street dogs. Rescuers need to make tough decisions on which dogs to try to rehome, and which to simply care for while they continue their lives as street dogs. 

Thai Street Dog Travels the Globe For His Happily Ever After in Montana

For Mr. Fox, the right moment for him to go to a forever home came when he got sick. Niall and his team were worried for Mr. Fox, and life on the street is hard enough without battling illness. The decision was made—Mr. Fox needed a forever home, and his life as a Thai street dog would be coming to an end. 

@happydoggoniall The happiest boy in the world has found his forever home! 🎉🎉 Mr Fox got the news every single street dog dreams of today. He’s lived by himself for a while now after losing his family and while he always had a smile on his face, we knew he must be a bit lonely. So a few weeks ago, we decided to find him his own humans who would give him the love he so deserves. We got a *wild* amount of applications for Mr Fox from all over the world. And today we got to tell him he’s going to America 🇺🇲🇺🇲 Mr Fox will be spending his time roaming about the state of Montana with a lovely family and a doggy sister to show him the ropes ⛰️ No one deserves it more Mr Fox. You did it!!! #streetdog #rescuedog #dogrescue #dogsanctuary #foreverhome #dogsoftt #dogsoftiktok ♬ original sound – Happy Doggo

Moving To Montana & Gaining a Sister

After a life outdoors in on the beautiful island of Koh Samui in Thailand, Mr. Fox needed a forever home where he could still enjoy nature. Luckily, a family in Montana turned out to be the perfect match—they had property in the mountains and a dog named Sierra who needed a friend. It was official—Mr. Fox was traveling to a different continent to start his new life!

Thai Street Dog Travels the Globe For His Happily Ever After in Montana

Unsurprisingly, Mr. Fox was thrilled to meet his new family, and has adjusted quickly to his new forever home! After just a little warming up, Mr. Fox now enjoys bounding through his backyard with his big sister, going on long hikes, and stretching out to relax and take a nap in his new plush dog bed. 

Mr. Fox still gets to be outdoors in the beauty of nature, but now he has a whole family to do it with and a safe, warm, and dry house to sleep in at night!

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