rocky needs a home. he has wobbler syndrome.

Rocky Has Wobbler Syndrome. He’s Looking For A Stable Home!

Dog’s Name: Rocky Location: Cheyenne, Wyoming. Breed: Pit Bull / Mastiff Gender: Male Weight: 96 pounds Age: 2 years If you’re interested in Rocky, please apply! If you ever meet Rocky, there is one thing you will notice right away; he doesn’t go anywhere without […]

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Meet The Pit Bull Beagle Mix

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German shepherd chihuahua mix

Meet the German Shepherd Chihuahua Mix

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three legged dog

What to Expect When Adopting a Three Legged Dog

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Dog licking paws

THIS Solved My Dog’s Itchy Paw Problem

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Cloudy eyes dogs

7 Serious Causes of Cloudy Eyes in Dogs

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Dog’s Horoscope

Your Dog’s Horoscope for 2022

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