Bulldog Overcomes Harsh Beginnings, Smothers Rescuer with Kisses in Heartwarming Recovery

When Rachel first heard about the bulldog who had been shot three times and left for to fend for herself, she knew she couldn’t let her recover from such horrific injuries alone in a shelter kennel. So the co-founder of Lily’s Pad Rescue in Washington state sprang into action, picking up the resilient pup—now affectionately called Daisy Hope—the day after her initial life-saving surgery. Despite her violent past and the trauma she’s endured, this amazingly affectionate dog seems determined to not just survive, but to thrive, showering her rescuers with kisses and finding comfort in the loving foster family helping her on her road to recovery.

Shot 3 Times But Still So Affectionate: This Bulldog's Response to Her Rescuers Will Melt Your Heart"

Shot and Scared at the Shelter

Daisy’s rescuers had to piece together the story after she came to them, and authorities eventually located the man who shot her. He claimed that she charged at him, causing him to fear for his life, so he shot–three times–in self-defense.

“Obviously, animal control and the authorities did not buy this story, or she would have been euthanized as a “dangerous” dog if it took a gunshot to stop her,” Rachel explains. “This dog is so very sweet. I find it hard to believe she would charge anyone unless she were in fear for her own life (or maybe someone else’s).” In fact, she has been nothing but sweet with her rescuers and foster family!

Shot 3 Times But Still So Affectionate: This Bulldog's Response to Her Rescuers Will Melt Your Heart"

A good samaritan got animal control involved during the incident, which is how Daisy was transported to The Humane Society of Tacoma & Pierce County. The shelter shared her story in hopes of finding her a comfortable place to recover, and Rachel quickly got in contact. Shelter staff kept her updated on every step of the pup’s surgeries (Daisy ended up needing a second one to remove bone and tooth fragments), which both went as smoothly as possible. She’s still in the recovery phase, but she’s expected to heal completely!

A Life of Hope

Despite a wonderful physical prognosis, Daisy has been battling a lot of trauma from the horrifying incident. Even so, she’s bravely accepting the help and love she’s been given. She even crawled into Rachel’s husband’s lap to give him kisses during their very first interaction! Her affection for her foster family is just as heartwarming, and her resilient spirit has earned her the extended name “Daisy Hope.”

Rachel credits the dog’s incredible recovery to her foster family’s patience, love, and care. Not only are they familiar with the brachycephalic Bulldog breed, but they’ve also cared for special-needs dogs before. Daisy Hope loves the family’s kids and all the attention she can get, but the best thing for her would be to find her a perfect forever home.

In an ideal world, this rescue dog’s home would have another dog who’s about the same size as, or larger than, she is. She loves to play and can even get a bit too rowdy for tiny dogs! Daisy’s forever family will need to keep practicing gentle training strategies to help her get the hang of potty training, too. They’ll need to be well-versed in the art of patience, as rescue dogs like her can take weeks, even months, to settle in.


@Tacoma Humane and Lily’s Pad Rescue the beautiful Daisy is settling in so well. The foster family is calling her Hope because it’s clear that’s what she has in her heart. Hope for kindness. Hope for gentle kisses. Hope for the future. #bulldogrescue #animalcruelty #englishbulldog #viral #dogsoftiktok

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While Daisy Hope is being fostered in the state of Washington, Lily’s Pad Rescue is able to adopt her to the right home in most Pacific Northwest states. Further transportation could be possible if the adopter is able to help, but the first step is to fill out an adoption application to see if you could be the right fit for her.

Shot 3 Times But Still So Affectionate: This Bulldog's Response to Her Rescuers Will Melt Your Heart"

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