Rescuer Was About to Quit Until This Stray Dog’s Loving Spirit Reignited Her Passion

As the founder of Ruby & Laurel Animal Rescue, Inc., Maggie H. is used to saving animals in need. Even so, one special dog belly-crawled her way and into her heart within a matter of moments, and she even gave Maggie the hope and motivation to keep her rescue open. Best of all, this sweet dog got all the help and comfort she required exactly when she needed it the most.

Rescuer Was About to Quit Until This Stray Dog's Loving Spirit Reignited Her Passion

A First Step

When Maggie spotted the female dog on March 25, the pup was peeking up out of a ditch in Clinton, North Carolina. It was 7:11 in the evening when the rescuer began her endeavor, and it didn’t take long before the stray bully-breed dog hesitantly crawled into her arms. With just a little bit of patience and baby talk, the mangy pup took her first step toward recovery.


Help us name her. This baby has seen the worst of humans, but still belly crawled out of the ditch and into my arms. She goes in first thing tomorrow for medical treatment and vaccines. Tonught she is getting a medicated bath to soothe her itchy skin and soft soft bedding for the first time probably ever. Welcome to Ruby & Laurel Animal Rescue Inc baby girl.

♬ original sound – Maggie

That evening, Maggie treated the recently rescued dog to a medicated bath and a nice, long nap. The unnamed dog felt safest sleeping in her rescuer’s lap, which showed just how loving and trusting she was despite experiencing so much hardship at the hands of humans. After catching up on her sleep, however, it was time for the rescue dog to visit Dr. Davis at Tram Road Animal Hospital.

Healing Scars and Stealing Hearts

The pup was just as happy to meet her veterinarian, proving even more that she’s a loving dog. She was a very good girl for her vet visit, and she was determined to be heartworm-negative! Her bloodwork looked great, too, but she was diagnosed with a mite-based form of mange called Demodex. It’s not transferrable to humans or most other dogs (Demodex mites are present in small numbers on all healthy dogs’ skin), but can still be itchy, sore, and off putting. Fortunately, it’s easy to treat, and the angelic 3-year-old dog is feeling (and looking) better already.


Medical Update! Slurpee is approximately 3 years old and is heartworm NEGATIVE! Happy happy happy dance!

♬ original sound – Maggie

There was just one thing left to do at the vet: choose a perfect name! Since Maggie couldn’t pick the perfect name for her new four-legged friend, she wrote her favorite options down on pieces of paper and let the pup pick one herself. In the end, she chose Slurpee! Maggie included this name option since the pup was found at 7:11 pm, but it turns out it’s been great for marketing, too. Both the 7-11 Company and Slurpee have sent the dog and her foster family some swag, and more dog lovers continue to donate to her care every day!


The much awaited video update: She picked her own name! SLURPEE from being found at 7:11PM ❤️

♬ original sound – Maggie

Looking Forward to the Future

As Maggie says in many of Slurpee’s TikTok videos, her personality shines through more every single day. It’s no secret that she loves Maggie in a special way, but she will make the right family so happy, too. From her trusting personality to her fast healing, there are many reasons to be impressed with this resilient girl.

But there’s one more reason why Maggie is thankful to have Slurpee. This dog’s charm, love, and zest for life is a continuous reminder of why dog rescuers like Maggie do what they do every day. She admitted in an April 6 TikTok video that she had been considering shutting down Ruby & Laurel Animal Rescue, but thanks to Slurpee, her fans, and the joy she brings Maggie–the rescue is here to stay. You can follow along with Maggie, Slurpee, and their other friends’ adventures by following Maggie on TikTok (@maggierlar) or keeping an eye on the Ruby & Laurel Animal Rescue website.

Be warned–you will have to be patient if you’re hoping to adopt Slurpee. This cutie pie will need to fully heal before she can get spayed, and then adopted, so it could easily be a matter of weeks of months. Until then, it’s such a relief to know she’s in good hands.

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