Shaggy Dog Was Hot, Exhausted & Barely Recognizable – Until Heroes Unleashed Her True Beauty

A stray dog’s astounding transformation from a disheveled and overheated canine to a bright-eyed pup was captured on video by the charity Happy Doggo. Initially seen desperately trying to escape the heat and human contact by hiding behind people and under homes, the wary street dog slowly began trusting the volunteers. Once that trust was earned, the dog was able to relax enough to receive the care it desperately required – a shearing away of tightly wound mats to reveal a sleek sandy coat underneath, providing immediate relief. (watch video below)

Shaggy Dog Was Hot, Exhausted & Barely Recognizable - Until Heroes Unleashed Her True Beauty

Hiding From the Record-Breaking Heat

As a record-breaking heat wave radiates through much of Southeast Asia, thousands–maybe millions–of street dogs are left to their own devices. Thankfully, there are kindhearted people, including the volunteers behind Happy Doggo, who are doing all they can to help.

This charity’s volunteers were working hard in Thailand to provide life-saving resources to stray dogs when someone brought one particular dog to their attention. She had been neglected for years and was suffering in the heat beneath layers of matted fur, but little did she know that everything was about to change. Although it took some coaxing and patience before she trusted the volunteers, it’s safe to say she thanked herself for it later.


We have a record heat wave in Thailand at the moment which was why it was crucial to help this beautiful girl today. She’s been neglected for years and must have been in complete agony. All she could do was hide under the shacks where she stays and try to survive. Luckily she was brought to our attention. She didn’t come easy as she was very wary of strangers at first but it was lovely to see her relax and accept something good was happening. The groom was done by the wonderful Kate and Jules. we do so many big things like sterilising 2000 dogs a month and fixing endless very serious cases that it can feel overwhelming sometimes. But when you get to see something as simple as a groom like this that is completely transformational for a dog it really does make it seem real. It might only be one dog and there is so much to fix but just thinking about how she must feel tonight makes me so happy. I was only there at the start so when I saw that video of her running back to her friends this evening on my phone for the first time to edit it I had a little tear in my eye. That’s what it’s all about. No money or material possession could top the feeling of seeing that. A lovely rewarding moment and a girl who looks like a million dollars now. #dogs #doggrooming #doggroomer #dogsoftiktok

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A Life-Changing Shave

After carrying the exhausted dog to the pickup truck, her rescuers could begin the transformation. First, they made sure to get rid of all of the painful mats and dirty fur that could cause pain or even illness. They carefully trimmed away all of the fur blocking her vision, and they made sure to give her plenty of kisses along the way.

It may have taken a few hours in the direct sun, but soon, this sweet female dog was feeling much, much lighter. The pile of fur the volunteers shaved off of her seemed as large as she was! Now, she’s clean, cool, and tangle-free. The way she bounded back to her doggie friends seemed so much happier and more energetic, which shows what a massive, immediate impact something like a haircut can make.

It’s heartwarming to see this little dog feeling so much better, but it’s also rewarding to see just how much empathy people have for street dogs like her. One TikTok viewer commented on the video, “I was just in Thailand, and it was hot. I can’t imagine what it would feel like with that mass of fur. ” Thankfully, you will never have to know!

With the effect of the heat wave in full swing, it’s refreshing to see patient, loving people like these volunteers who make sure these dogs are safe and healthy. Niall Harbison, the founder of Happy Doggo, has given the street dogs of Thailand such a gift with his charity’s focus, though there will be no greater gift than watching these dogs thrive even more once the heat wave has passed.

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