Street Dog with Massive Tumor Slowly Fading Away Until Caring Strangers Showed Compassion

A dog named Shaq was saved from the streets of Thailand after rescuers found him very uncomfortable due to a massive tumor that was hanging from his neck. The tumor was so large that the dog had a hard time holding his head up or walking, and rescuers knew they had to do something to help the dog before it was too late.

Dog with Massive Tumor

After two much-needed surgeries to remove the lump and repair damage on the neglected dog’s neck, the recovery process began. Now, months later, Shaq has a new lease on life, and his happiness over being healthy and able to run and play again is heartwarming.

Shaq Was Unable to Walk

Niall Harbison is founder of Happy Doggo, an organization whose mission is to improve the lives of stray dogs everywhere through feeding and providing emergency care to those in desperate need. He has lived and worked in Thailand since 2018, where more than 700,000 dogs live on the streets and because of  lack of sterilization for the animals. 

Dog with Massive Tumor

Niall said that locals alerted him to a dog that was in serious need of help in October 2023. He found Shaq, in extreme pain and unable to walk, and knew that the huge tumor on his neck was slowly killing him. “The tumor was dragging him down in life both physically and mentally. It was growing by the day and he was on the way out.” He also had bad anemia and tick fever. Hundreds of blood sucking ticks were in his ears. He was very ill. 

Dog with Massive Tumor

Niall and his team got Shaq to the safety of his rescue center, and began working to get him ready for the life saving surgeries he would need to try to save him.

It Was A Risky Surgery

Dog with Massive Tumor

Niall had been working with vets to try to drain the tumor, which weighed down Shaq’s eye and mouth on the side it hung from. While he was able to find care for the other medical issue Shaq had, vets were hesitant to perform surgery to remove the actual tumor. “Most vets didn’t want to go near the operation as it was just too dangerous.”

Luck was on Shaq’s side though and in November Niall shared on Instagram that the life-saving surgery had finally occurred, “Yesterday after a month of prep, Big Shaq went under the knife.” He admitted that the surgery was extremely hard on Shaq and he was still in a lot of pain afterwards. The dog was feeling the after effects of a major surgery and came out of anesthesia, “Shaking and cold and moaning. I wasn’t sure he’d make it.” Days later though, Niall said that Shaq “Has bounced back like a champion.”

Dog with Massive Tumor

The next few weeks were touch and go as Shaq struggled to heal, but by the end of November Niall had good news to share, “Shaq has been battling for his life for the last 5-6 weeks. It was touch and go that he could even survive an operation but here he is today alive and well”. The before and after pictures are just incredible!

Shaq Finds His Forever Home 

Dog with Massive Tumor

Niall quickly realized that Shaq was a dog that needed a good home and deserved to be with people who loved him. He announced, “I’m giving him a space and committing to getting him a forever home. He has turned into the most gentle, caring and loving dog imaginable. He deserves this break.”

Dog with Massive Tumor

While he hasn’t found his forever home yet, Niall knows that he will find it soon. He said that Shaq proves that even when you are down on your luck you should never give up. “His story shows us that things can change and they can change very quickly.” Shaq is a strong reminder to us all that sometimes a helping hand and a little love is all you need to make positive life changes happen in your life.

Source: @niall.harbison

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