Pitbull Shot as Puppy Wins Over Everyone She Meets—But She Still Doesn’t Have a Home

One of the hardest parts of adopting a dog is not knowing what they went through before they came to you. For some people, this uncertainty can stop them from giving a rescue dog a chance.

While life experiences can influence a dog’s behavior, their personality ultimately comes down to their unique individuality. Dogs that have gone through extensive trauma can learn to trust and love again. On the other hand, it’s wrong to assume that just because you get a dog as a puppy you’ll never have behavioral issues with them. 

Dog up for adoption: Rosalind

Rosalind is the kind of dog you might expect to be reactive, aggressive, and untrusting of humans. The first few years of her life were beyond traumatic, and Rosalind even survived a bullet wound that easily could have ended her life when she was just a puppy. If you need proof that rescue dogs are capable of enormous love, no matter the circumstances, look no further than Rosalind the Pitbull mix.

Life Starts With a Bang for Rosalind the Pitbull

Puppyhood should be a happy and carefree time of life for every dog, but things don’t always go how they should. Rosalind was born into chaos, and by the time she made it a rescue she had seen much more than the average dog. 

Rosalind was seized as part of a neglect case along with four other dogs in Tennessee. Rescuers immediately noticed that Rosalind was covered in scratches and scars, including a large one on her ribs that appeared to be from a healed but once serious wound. 

Dog up for adoption: Rosalind

As it turned out, Rosalind had tragically been shot in the side in 2019 when she was just a puppy. By some miracle, the bullet had missed her vital organs and didn’t create any lasting damage. Your guess is as good as ours when it comes to where the rest of her scars came from, but Rosalind has undoubtedly been through many trials and tribulations. 

Overcoming Trauma With a Paw-sitive Attitude 

After so much pain and trauma, it would be completely understandable if Rosalind was fearful of humans. However, this sweet girl shows remarkable positivity in the face of adversity. 

“Even though Rosalind has had it bad, she is still such a positive girl,” says Kaylee Morton from the Humane Society of Dickson County where Rosalind has been receiving care while she waits for a forever home. “She is incredibly friendly, and she loves everyone she meets. She gives the best kisses, great snuggles, and has the prettiest doggy smile.” 

Dog up for adoption: Rosalind

Now that she has had some good meals, medical care, and some TLC, Rosalind is ready to find a family. Approximately 60 pounds and five years old, this girl is a mid to large sized American Pitbull Terrier mix who rescuers think would do well in a home with kids and dogs, but not so well with a cat. 

Kaylee says it best, describing just how much love a dog like Rosalind is ready to give to the right family: “Roz still has a lot of youth in her heart, and would love someone to play with and to show her how good life can be.” 

If you’ve been considering getting a dog, consider this a sign to search for your new best friend at your local shelter. Live near Dickson County, Tennessee? Visit the Humane Society of Dickson County to meet Rosalind and their many other adoptable dogs

Dog up for adoption: Rosalind

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