Rescued Puppy Brings Pure & Unexpected Joy to Pit Bull Sibling

​​Pet parents put a lot of thought and consideration into what it will be like bringing a new dog home. Will our current animals feel slighted or unwanted? Or will this new addition become their closest friend?

Dog Rescue: Rescued Puppy Brings Pure and Unexpected Joy to Pit Bull Sibling

Sometimes, things don’t work out as expected, but often, they surpass our wildest dreams. This touching story is a charming example of how beautifully things can turn out.

Watch this video to see two rescue dogs become the fastest of friends.

@harveytherescue they love each other 😭 #rescuedogs #rescuepuppy #dogtok ♬ Beautiful Things – Benson Boone

When Abby( @harveytherescue) considered getting a sibling for her dog, Harvey, she was concerned that he might feel sad or forgotten. Thankfully, that was not the case. At least, it appears his sister Azula is already his best friend, and Abby assures us she is.

This Sweet Rescue Dog Instantly Won Her Brother’s Heart

This pair now goes together as beautifully as peanut butter and jelly. Azula is content to curl up on her brother’s chest while napping on the couch. We also see Harvey with his head lovingly draped over her back as she rests. However, it’s not just the cute, snuggly moments they share either. They also have tons of fun roughhousing and playing. What a great way for two friends to spend the day!

Dog Rescue: Rescued Puppy Brings Pure and Unexpected Joy to Pit Bull Sibling

Ways to Prepare For a New Dog

Experts advise picking up your dog’s favorite toys, food bowls, and bones before your newest family member comes home. This can help prevent resource guarding and unwanted aggression. It’s also essential for each dog to have a peaceful space to retreat to, especially as they acclimate to life together.

Introducing Your Dog to Their New Sibling

Professional trainers also suggest introducing dogs on neutral ground and allowing the first interaction to be brief. While it’s advised to have both dogs safely on leashes, they also recommend keeping them loose and relaxed, as our dogs can pick up on any nervous energy we may have. Walking and staying active can also help dogs feel more comfortable and release tension while they get to know each other.

Dog Rescue: Rescued Puppy Brings Pure and Unexpected Joy to Pit Bull Sibling

Four Controversial Methods This Dog Trainer Says She’ll Use to Raise Her Puppy

1. Sleeping in bed with the family. Since day one, they’ve let her sleep with them in bed. While not everyone may agree with this, she explains she wanted her dog to feel safe and comfortable in her new home.

2. Using the crate, no matter what. Abby will not allow Azula to cry it out in her crate nor force her to spend any time inside until she feels safe there. She wants her to succeed and not feel stressed.

3. Housebreaking rules. Azula will never face punishment for going potty inside the house. Abby understands it’s her job to train and set her up for success.

4. Strict leash training. She’ll hold off on teaching this sweet girl proper leash behavior for now. Instead, she wants her first to become comfortable exploring.

Even if we think we know exactly what we will do when we bring a new dog home, sometimes they change our plans. Opening ourselves to all possibilities makes their integration more effortless for everyone.

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