See the Incredible Moment This Giant Dog Overcomes Fear to Find Friendship at the Dog Park

In the world of dog parks, size can be an intimidating factor, not just for the dogs but for their owners too. This was the case for Iris, a giant dog who initially struggled to make friends due to her size and a traumatic past.

Giant Dog Overcomes Fear

Iris’s attempt to reintegrate into the dog park world was initially met with isolation. “Iris decided to try the dog park again, but it was a lonely start,” Staci, Iris’s owner shared. Her large size intimidated the other dogs, leaving her without playmates. This changed when Lucy, a small dog, entered the scene. Despite her initial fear, Lucy gave Iris a chance, a decision that would catalyze a significant change. “It wasn’t long until the other dogs took Lucy’s lead. The other dogs started playing with Iris too,” Staci added.

Giant Dog Overcomes Fear

Staci, Iris’s owner, observed that smaller dogs like Lucy often have no issue with larger dogs. “It’s pretty much every time it will be the smallest dog at the dog park,” Staci noted. This observation underlines a peculiar canine dynamic where size differences seem less significant to smaller dogs, as all other dogs are bigger in comparison.

Overcoming Trauma: Iris’s Path to Recovery

However, Iris’s journey to becoming a dog park favorite was not without its challenges. Iris had been through a harrowing experience. None of the dogs know what Iris has been through and how she had to overcome her fears.

Giant Dog Overcomes Fear

Iris had been attacked at a doggy daycare, an incident that deeply affected her behavior.

“I had to do training with her after she was attacked. I didn’t notice anything immediately, but a few days later, I had her on a walk and she saw this one dog…Iris just tried to run towards him.”

Staci, Iris’s owner

The turning point for Iris came with professional training. The focus was on reducing her reactivity towards other dogs by encouraging a ‘coffee shop mentality’, a state of relaxation and indifference.

“What I did learn in helping to reduce reactivity is if there was a dog walking across the street or coming towards us. The number one thing you want your dog to do, you want them in a coffee shop mentality. So if you think when you’re in a coffee shop, you’re like, just chill.”

Staci, Iris’s owner

This approach aimed to make Iris indifferent to other dogs’ presence, mimicking the calmness one would have in a coffee shop. “You want Iris to be in that mind frame of chills, so when she sees another dog, she doesn’t stare at them and get all tight,” explained Staci.

A Transformation of Behavior: Iris Embraces the Dog Park

Giant Dog Overcomes Fear

The hard work and patience paid off. Iris now loves going to the dog parks, a significant change from her previously fearful state.

“What I am proud almost that I can do now with Iris is that when I see that in other dogs, when that initial, if they’re trying to play with her, when I see that they start to get maybe a little bit afraid…then I recall Iris, I get her to come back to give that dog space.”

Staci, Iris’s owner

This strategy has helped Iris not only become more comfortable at the park but also become a friendlier and more approachable dog to her canine peers.

Giant Dog Overcomes Fear

The story of Iris is a heartwarming example of how understanding, training, and patience can transform the life of a pet and its owner.

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