Unwanted Due to Disabilities & Age, These Pugs Finally Found Someone To Love Them❣️

Pug Rescue of Austin has been saving pugs and pug mixes for 15 years. Their mission is to rescue and find homes for abused, neglected and unwanted pugs, and they never discriminate on the basis of health or age.The non-profit depends solely on volunteers and donations to care for the hundreds of pugs they’ve rescued for over the years.  (see video of the pugs in action below)

Pug rescue

Pug Rescue finds dogs in need mostly through owner surrenders, those found as strays, or ones that are rescued from shelters. Some of these dogs are disabled or have medical issues that make finding homes for them a challenge, but Pug Rescue never gives up on helping these dogs find their forever homes.

Daily Activities for the Rescued Pugs

From meal time to play time, grooming, and exercise, these pups stay busy all day! Pug Rescue’s President and Board Chair Dave Norris pointed out, “We are entirely, and I mean entirely volunteer run. We have no paid staff.” This means that each day Pug Rescue relies on foster moms and dads to come in and help care for the more than 80 dos who call it home. 

Founder of Pug rescue in Austin

Norris shares that many of these pugs have extreme needs, often hourly needs. The amount of work that goes into caring for dogs with special needs, much like the dogs with wheelchairs in the video, is staggering.

Each and every dog that is seen in the video looks happy, healthy, and eager to find a family to call their own. 

Pug rescue

Challenges That Rescue Organizations Face

As with all non-profit organizations, the biggest need that they face is funding. It is expensive to care for 80+ dogs, many of them with special needs. Norris says, “If we want to keep saving these dogs, we need to ensure we are in the financial health to do so.” 

Pug rescue

Norris explains that there are many rescues out there, and new ones are always popping up, making it even more challenging to obtain donations and funding. And because funding is so critical to a rescue’s success, he advises against starting a brand new rescue. Instead, “Research, research, research” and see if there are local established rescues you can join forces with. 

Also critical, making sure that you – and others – have the “energy, time, and focus” to fundraise. He goes on to point out, “A lot of people think rescue work is jumping in your car and saving a dog on the side of a road, and it is that. But as important or more important is having the money to do that.” 

Pug rescue

Rescues Must Have Community Support

Norris also says that shelters have to prove to the communities that they are in that they are a legitimate rescue and one worthy of donating to. Without their support, the rescue would not be able to sustain the needs of so many dogs.

Norris highlights the need for shelters to establish their credibility and value within their communities to secure essential support.  “Gaining community support is crucial,” he said,  “it directly impacts the shelter’s ability to meet the extensive needs of the dogs they care for.” Of course without this vital backing, sustaining the rescue’s operations becomes a significant challenge.

Pug rescue

Luckily, Pug Rescue seems to already be established and well respected in its community. Many people left comments after watching the video about the work and positivity that Pug Rescue spreads throughout Austin’s neighborhoods. It’s proof that rescues and communities can work together to help dogs in need live happy lives.

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