Owner Wants To Euthanize Golden Retriever For Being Overweight, What Happens Next Saves Her Life

Just like humans, dogs can suffer from obesity. Lack of exercise, medical conditions, and overfeeding can all contribute to this problem. Unlike us, however, they cannot change these factors. They depend on their people for their health and well-being.

Overweight Golden Retriever

Sadly, not all owners desire to be accountable for their actions. Which is the heartbreaking reason this dog ended up on the euthanasia list. Luckily, she was saved from a tragic fate when caring individuals from a rescue saw her vast potential. In only five weeks in their care, Frannie has turned into a completely different dog. (Scroll down to watch her video)

Thankfully, Rovers Retreat (@rovers_retreat), in Southern California, knew this girl had better days ahead and stepped up to save her. When Frannie was brought to the shelter to be euthanized, she was obese, unable to stand on her own, and unable to walk. However, it was at that pivotal moment that her journey to happiness began. 

The Many Medical Challenges She Faced

Overweight Golden Retriever

At 8 years old, Frannie was a whopping 125 pounds (an average female Golden should weigh between 50-70 pounds). According to her rescuers, she spent her entire life outside on a concrete pad. This resulted in massive calluses on her legs and a raw tail from being unable to sit normally. She also suffers from hypothyroidism (low thyroid), which contributed to her weight gain, various skin issues, and depression. Now that she has love and proper medical care, she’s getting better each day.

A Speedy Recovery Fueled by Love

Overweight Golden Retriever

Beautiful Frannie now spends her days with her foster mom getting exercise, physical therapy, and plenty of pets. This has given her a whole new lease on life. Her new favorite activities include playing with her tennis balls and chewing on bones. She’s also a big fan of relaxing on the couch, something she had never experienced before. In just a few weeks, she’s dropped almost 25 pounds. Wow! Go, Frannie! Having the unwavering support from people who love her has even helped her learn to stand on her own again. Despite the challenges she may have faced, she and her amazing new family were up to the task.

Five Things Frannie Dog Taught Her Rescuers

  1. She taught them that “Progress looks different for everyone.” 
  2. She also exemplifies why we “Should not take things so seriously.” 
  3. She has even shown them “To never stop fighting for what you deserve.” 
  4. Another valuable lesson is to “Love fiercely.” 
  5. Finally, she’s a shining example of how “Your past does not determine your future.”
Overweight Golden Retriever

The unwavering courage of this golden is an inspiration to us all. You can follow her extraordinary progress on her own dedicated Instagram @frannies.fight. Her smile while wearing a pink raincoat brightens any day.

Check out this video from January 20 to see her amazing comeback story!

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