Watch As Dog Saves Owner’s Life After He Falls Through Ice

Dogs have a long history of stepping up as lifesavers. From Bernese Mountain dogs rescuing people in snowy mountains to police K9s offering protection to their handlers, their commitment knows no bounds.

A dog rescuing a human from a perilous situation is always remarkable, but it’s even more incredible when they have received no training in rescue techniques. Fortunately, for this owner, all his good girl needed to save his life was to hear her name called. It’s a remarkable story of hope, courage and love. (Scroll down to see body cam footage)

The Dog Saves the Day

The Michigan State Police shared this video out of Traverse County, and it leaves no question about the commitment of man’s best friend. On Thursday, the 18th, just before noon, a 64-year-old man fell through the ice, according to Michigan State Police.  Fortunately, bystanders called 911 after seeing it happen. When a police officer arrived, he could see the man in the water and his loyal dog, Ruby, standing by his side. However, because of the conditions, Michigan State Police Motor Carrier Officer (MCO) Kammeron Bennetts could not rescue the man himself. Fortunately, this quick-thinking offer came up with a plan that worked.

Dog Saves Owner's Life

Putting the Plan Into Action

The clever MCO shouted to the man in the water, requesting him to send his dog to shore. Thankfully, this well-trained pooch ran over on his owner’s command. The officer could then attach a rescue disc to Ruby’s collar. Once positioned, they directed the man to call her back so he could retrieve the disk. MCO Bennetts, aided by a firefighter from the Grand Traverse Metro Fire Department, successfully pulled the man to safety. As they drew him to shore, his smart and loyal dog never left his side.

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Dog Saves Owner's Life

A Miraculous Conclusion

After spending 16 minutes in the freezing water, the hospital provided him with treatment and subsequently released him. The story could have ended tragically, but strangers, a well-trained dog, and a well-trained MCO ensured a happy ending.

Dog Saves Owner's Life

Even though you may never need it, this might be the perfect excuse to work on recall training with your dog. You never know just how important it may be.

Check out the heart-pounding police body cam footage in this video, be sure to turn the volume up so you know what’s going on.

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