These 10 Doodle Mixes Are So Unique You’ve Probably Never Heard Of Them

Credit: Source: @mazzi.joie

This list pulls back the curtain on those rare and unique Doodle contenders that make the iconic Labradoodle look like child’s play. We’re talking hypoallergenic supermutts with brains to match their irresistible looks and personalities tailor-made for family living. The “designer dog” engineering has gotten so wildly ambitious, you won’t believe some of these wacky Lab-Poodle-something creations actually exist!

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1. Bordoodle

Credit: Source: @AstroTheBordoodle

2. Bossi Poo

Credit: Source: @AimoTheBossiPoo_SidekickMauno

3. Boxerdoodle

Credit: Source: George Peters, Getty Image

4. Corgidoodle / Corgipoo

Credit: Source: @lokiithecorgipoo

5. Dalmadoodle

Credit: Source: @mazzi.joie

6. Doberdoodle

Credit: @WhiskeyAndJax

7. Great Danoodle

Credit: @greatdanoodle

8. Jackapoo

Credit: Source: @TalesOfPawson

9. Papipoo

Credit: Source: @enzothepapipoo

10. Sheepadoodle

Credit: Source: @Bayley.Sheepadoodle