Dazzling Dalmadoodles: Unleashing the Spots and Curls of this Pawsome Hybrid!

A dalmadoodle is a unique and adorable hybrid dog breed typically created by crossing a purebred Dalmatian with a purebred standard poodle, miniature poodle, or toy poodle. These dogs are known for their friendly and playful temperament. With their striking spotted and curly coat, dalmadoodles are quickly becoming a popular choice for dog enthusiasts looking for low-maintenance but energetic dogs. 

dalmatian and poodle

Although they are not officially recognized by the American Kennel Club as of 2021, they are recognized by the American Canine Hybrid Club, which is widely regarded as the best registry for hybrid dogs. There are several different names for Dalmatian mixed with  poodle breeds, including Dalmapoo, Dalmatiandoodle, or Dalmatianpoo. This hybrid breed comes in standard, miniature, and toy sizes. 

5 Playful Dalmadoodles on Instagram

Here’s a small snapshot of life with this adorable dog breed, courtesy of Instagram!

1. Mazzi

Mazzy the Dalmadoodle

Source: @mazzi.joie
Mazzi is a happy Dalmadoodle who loves to play in all types of weather (even rain and snow). Mazzi spends a lot of time with adopted sibling, Joie, exploring everything imaginable!

2. Astrid

Astrid the Dalmadoodle

Source: @astrid_the_dalmadoodle

Astrid is a sweet-tempered Dalmadoodle who enjoys looking out the window with her pet parent. She lives in Sweden and loves to meet new people and pets.

3. Lando

Lando the Dalmadoodle

Source: @josomerset

Lando is a naturally curious Dalmadoodle who loves sunshine. He loves the countryside and is often seen romping around the beautiful farm where he lives.

4. Ted

Ted the Dalmadoodle

Ted is a funny boy who loves supervising the world around him, making him a fantastic guard dog. He takes fantastic care of his small human, and they sometimes team up for mischief together!

5. Bowser

Bowser the Dalmadoodle

Bowser is a Dalmadoodle pup who’s full of energy and curiosity. He’s currently working on training to be a good boy in any setting. 

Dalmadoodle Basic Info 

Here are some quick facts to think about when adopting a Dalmadoodle!

What is a Dalmadoodle?

To some, the Dalmadoodles breed is the perfect family dog. Despite their size, they have a loving and gentle nature. Due to their seemingly endless energy, they will never tire of playing with and entertaining small children but usually have no problem winding down for some cuddles when it’s time to relax and sleep for the night. They are extremely loyal and hardworking, which makes them a perfect addition to the family, as well as a dependable guard dog that you can trust. 

If you have a pet allergy, you may have heard of the famous Dalmadoodle hypoallergenic coat. Unfortunately, that’s a misnomer, as Dalmadoodles are not entirely hypoallergenic, but can be low-shedding. It really on the type of coat they have. 

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For most F1 dalmadoodles, the low-shedding fur of the poodle is inherited, meaning that they are more allergy friendly. Dalmadoodles of other types, such as F1b, may not inherit this quality, causing them to shed more. If this is the case, people with dog allergies should proceed with caution.

What’s an F1 and F2 Dalmadoodle?

ProgramParentage Details
F1Purebred x Purebred (e. g., Dalmatian x Poodle)
F1bPurebred x F1 Dalmadoodle (e.g. Poodle x F1 Dalmadoodle)
F2F1 Dalmadoodle x F1 Dalmadoodle
F2bF1 Dalmadoodle x F1b Dalmadoodle
F3/MultigenerationalThe closest purebred is a great-grandparent or older

Dalmadoodle Temperament

Since Dalmadoodles are a cross between a Poodle and a Dalmatian, they share some qualities with both breeds, like their playfulness. However, some of their characteristics are unique to one specific parent breed. Here are some examples:


  • Friendly
  • Fun
  • Responsive


  • High-energy
  • Timid (when encountering something new)
  • Affectionate

While dalmadoodles are fun-loving and very family-friendly, they are also a very high-energy breed. They require frequent physical and mental stimulation. Without proper exercise, they can begin to exhibit destructive or anxious behavior due to an overabundance of energy and intelligence. When bred by an ethical breeder and trained properly through positive reinforcement, a dalmadoodle can be trained to minimize this behavior. That being said, they still need frequent exercise and mental stimulation, especially if it’s a dalmadoodle puppy. 

Dalmadoodle Size

A standard dalmadoodle, the result of a Dalmatian and a standard poodle, is classified as a medium-sized dog. They tend to weigh between 45-70 pounds, which makes them slightly over the average size for medium breeds, which is 26-60 pounds.

Dalmadoodle Health Information

dunkin the dalmadoodle

Source: @dunkin_the_dalmadoodle

Just like any dog, dalmadoodles have some potential health issues that their owners should be aware of and keep an eye out for. The size of the dalmadoodle you get also makes a difference regarding potential health problems. The type of dog food that you feed them also makes a difference, as not all dog food brands are created equal. 

Dalmadoodles are prone to joint and hip dysplasia, deafness, urinary stones, and skin allergies. Upon adoption, check for signs of these ailments in your young dalmadoodle. Full-grown Dalmadoodles should be checked for Addison’s and Cushing’s disease. Be sure to ask your vet if you see any concerning issues, and keep up with regular appointments. 

Miniature and Toy Dalmadoodles

A mini Dalmapoo or toy dalmadoodle will be prone to all of the same potential health risks as standard-sized Dalmadoodles but will have an increased risk of experiencing anxiety and sound sensitivity. Early signs of anxiety in dogs include aggression, drooling, urinating inside, excessive barking, pacing, and destructive behavior. Anxiety in dogs can be treated a bit with more physical contact, exercise, and alternative therapy. 

Where Can You Find a Dalmadoodle?

Unlike other designer dog breeds, Dalmadoodles have only been around in North America since the 2000s. The newness of this breed, combined with the fact that they are good guard dogs, means that they are extremely in demand at the moment. 

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If you get a dalmadoodle rescue instead of one directly from a breeder (which is always preferable), it’ll be not only more affordable but you will be helping a dog in need. If you’re not sure where to look for one, try IDOG Rescue. They specifically rescue doodle breeds!

Dalmadoodle FAQ

Do you have more questions? We’ve got more answers! Read on for more info about Dalmadoodles. 

How Big Does a Dalmadoodle Get?

A Dalmadoodle can grow up to be between 45-70 pounds, meaning they’re slightly larger than a medium-sized dog. Since they have long legs from the Dalmatian side, they stand anywhere from 15-19 inches tall.

Is a Dalmadoodle Hypoallergenic?

Dalmatians shed heavily throughout the year, so it’s important to be aware that there’s no telling whether your Dalmadoodle’s coat will take after the poodle side or the Dalmatian side!

Do Dalmadoodles Shed?

Yes. As stated above, there’s a good chance your Dalmadoodle will shed because Dalmatians often shed heavily. Even if the Dalmadoodle’s coat favors the poodle side, it will still shed (though less often). 

Are Dalmadoodles Prone to Hip Dysplasia?

As noted above in the Health Information section, Dalmadoodles can be prone to hip dysplasia, along with other health problems unique to their breed. It’s best to keep up with regular vet checkups to ensure that your Dalmadoodle stays in optimal health and that any issues are caught early. 

How Much Does a Dalmadoodle Cost?

Depending on the age and subclassification of the dog you’re considering, the dalmadoodle price can range anywhere from $800 to $2,000. 

What is the Best Poodle Cross Breed?

Since everyone has different needs, it’s impossible to define the “best” dog breed. However, if you lead an active lifestyle, have plenty of space to romp around in, and are up to providing plenty of mental stimulation for your dog, a Dalmadoodle could be a great choice for you!

What Kind of Food Should You Feed Your Dalmadoodle?

Dalmadoodles are more easygoing in terms of food needs than a lot of other doodle breeds because they aren’t typically predisposed to having any tummy trouble, and they aren’t too picky. If your dalmadoodle is still a puppy, then getting something designed to be good for younger dogs should be plenty enough for a happy pup. 

What is the best food for your dog?

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