Would You Ever Own this Giant Doodle? Meet the Great Danoodle

Great Danoodle

Chances are you’ve never heard of this dog breed before! The Great Danoodle is a rare mix of Great Dane and Standard Poodle, and one of the biggest Doodle-type dogs in the world. Lovable, protective, and taller than the average toddler, the Great Danoodle stops people in their tracks with its size.

In this guide, we’re sharing as much as we can about this little-known mix, and giving you advice for how to find a unique mixed-breed dog like the Great Danoodle. 

Meet 5 Great Danoodles from Instagram

Photos simply don’t do the size of Great Danoodles justice, so you’ll just have to trust us when we say these dogs are positively gigantic! While we wish we could personally bring you a Great Danoodle for dramatic effect, we’re settling for sharing five examples of this unique mixed dog breed from Instagram. 

1. Henson

a Great Danoodle Dog
Source: @HensonTheGreatDanoodle 

Henson—commonly known as Noodle—is a rescued Great Danoodle from Florida! Henson’s mom worked with Florida Poodle Rescue, a regional breed-specific dog rescue committed to finding homes for abandoned, abused, and neglected Poodles and “Poodle-wannabes” since 1994. An absolute goof who loves to do everything with his mom, Henson can be found occupying most of the couch, or on outdoor adventures!

2. Bonnie

a Great Danoodle Dog
Source: @The.Cheesiest.Danoodle

Bonnie is a playful Great Danoodle with a unique look! Bonnie didn’t inherit the curly Poodle fur—instead,  she’s sleek and smooth like a Great Dane. Bonnie did get one prominent feature from her Poodle ancestors: a gorgeous fluffy beard!

3. Archie

a Great Danoodle Dog
Source: @ArchieTheGreatDanoodle

Meet Archie Padfoot Corrigan or just Archie for short. Archie is exactly 50% Great Dane and 50% Poodle who grew up to look a little bit like an Irish Wolfhound! Archie is a mischievous boy, and his pawrents regularly catch him making a mess, playing with something he shouldn’t, or just finding goofy ways to entertain himself. 

4. Captain Marvel

a Great Danoodle Dog
Source: @GreatDanoodle

Marvel is a Great Danoodle from Chicago whose parents were a purebred Great Dane and a purebred Poodle. A big, beautiful girl, Marvel grew up fast and was 90 lbs at just 11 months old! Marvel’s unique merle pattern comes from her Great Dane parentage and gives her those beautiful speckles and areas of tri-coloring with gray, white, and black fur. 

5. Duke

a Great Danoodle Dog
Source: @DukeTheGreatDanoodle

Duke lives in Gateshead, UK near lots of places to explore outside. Whether it’s trotting through the woods or romping on the beach, Duke is always up for some fun! A lover of humans and dogs, the photo above is of Duke with one of his Staffordshire Bull Terrier friends. To give you an idea of Duke’s size, Staffordshire Bull Terriers typically stand at about 16 inches high, max. 

Great Danoodle Basic Info

The Great Danoodle is a relatively new “designer” mixed breed dog that falls into the Doodle category—dogs whose parentage includes Poodle mixed with one or more additional breeds. Great Danoodles are mixes of Great Danes (one of the world’s largest dog breeds) and Standard Poodles. Rare, and usually the result of backyard breeders or accidental litters of puppies, Great Danoodles aren’t a breed you’ll see often. 

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Great Danoodle Temperament

Breed can be a decent indicator of a dog’s personality and temperament. However, with an unregulated and non-standardized mixed-breed like the Great Danoodle, it can be tough to use breed to predict temperament. This said, there are some common traits shared by both Great Danes and Poodles that also apply to Great Danoodles.  

  • Loving and affection to family members
  • Good with children
  • Very playful
  • Extreme vigilance and protectiveness 
  • Moderately high energy
  • Require lots of mental stimulation

Great Danoodle Size

When you combine a Standard Poodle (large) with a Great Dane (extra large), you get—you guessed it—a really big dog! Because Great Danoodles are a mix and not a standardized breed, there is some pretty significant variety in the sizes of these dogs. 

Most Great Danoodles grow to weigh between 80—120 lbs, and reach heights of around 23—29 inches. 

Remember that full grown Great Danes can reach 175+ lbs, and stand as tall as 32 inches, so don’t be surprised if your Danoodle takes up a lot of space.

Great Dandoodle
Source: @twogreatdoods

Great Danoodle Health

Great Danes are known for having a variety of health issues, and are one of the shortest lived breeds. With a life expectancy of just 7—10 years, size is in part to blame for the poor health of Great Danes and Dane mixes. 

“It is essential to keep in mind that Great Danes alone are very susceptible to having some health issues. This can cost you a lot of money to treat and can shorten their short life span,” says Lisa from Lover Doodles. A long-time Doodle dog owner, Lisa loves to talk about all things Poodle mix, including the pros and cons of owning Danoodles. “They are more likely to suffer from heart problems because of their size. Also, they often suffer from bone and joint issues.”

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Where to Find a Great Danoodle

Because most Danoodles are the result of backyard breeding programs, it’s best not to try to buy one from a breeder. Instead, if you’ve fallen in love with this giant mixed breed, consider searching for rescue groups near you that specialize in Poodles, Great Danes, or Doodles. You might get lucky and find a Great Danoodle, or meet a different mix you fall in love with. 

Here’s a quick list of rescues, but we recommend doing your own research to find more resources in your region. 

Great Danoodle FAQ

How big do Great Danoodles get?

Adult Great Danoodles are typically between 23—29 inches tall, and weigh between 80—120 lbs. 

Do Great Dane Doodles shed?

Yes! In fact, despite their Poodle ancestry, some Great Danoodles are heavy shedders that drop more fur and dander than the average dog.

What is a Goldendoodle Great Dane mix called?

There is no official name for a dog whose parentage includes both a Goldendoodle (a mix of Golden Retriever and Poodle) and Great Dane. However, if we follow ordinary naming conventions for Doodle type dogs, these pups would be called Golden Danoodles, Great Golden Doodles, or something similar. 

What is a Danoodle dog?

A Danoodle dog is a mix of Great Dane and Poodle, though they some have additional breeds in their ancestral background. 

Where can I find Great Danoodle puppies for sale near me?

Unfortunately, it’s basically impossible to find a reputable or ethical Great Danoodle breeder. Great Danoodles are not an actual breed, and are usually produced by backyard and home breeders with little experience or knowledge. Because of this, it’s not good practice to purchase Great Danoodles or similar “designer” mixed breed puppies from breeders. Instead, adopt don’t shop!

Is the Great Danoodle hypoallergenic?

No! No dogs are hypoallergenic, even Poodles and Doodles that are sometimes marketed as being allergen-free. 

What is a Mini Great Danoodle?

A Mini Great Danoodle is a mix of Great Dane and Miniature Poodle, however this is not an official breed.

What is Great Danoodle life expectancy?

Great Danoodles can be expected to live between 7—12 years. 

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