Introducing the Jackapoo: A Poodle Hybrid with a Memorable Moniker

There are oodles of Doodles out there—cute, friendly crossbreeds that have a Poodle as a parent or recent ancestor. You’ve probably heard of the first Doodle mix to become popular, the Goldendoodle, and maybe you’ve seen some precious Irish Doodles or cute Cavapoos… but today, we’re going to talk about the Jackapoo!

Jackapoos combine all the playful terrier charm of their Jack Rusell heritage with the loveable sweetness of a Miniature or Toy Poodle. These pups are smart, energetic, and as loyal as they come. These cheerful canines aren’t a mix you see every day, so you might have heard much about them. In our guide, you’ll learn everything you need to know about these precious pups

Meet 4 Adorable Jackapoos from Instagram

Can’t quite imagine what a Jackapoo looks like? Let’s meet four Jackapoos from Instagram that are strutting their stuff and showing off their good looks. 

1.Mr. Migzy

Introducing the Jackapoo: A Poodle Hybrid with a Memorable Moniker
Source: @Mr.Migzy

Australian Mr. Migzy is a big fan of the ocean and the beach, and can usually be found swimming, sailing, or romping with his canine besties. When he’s not on an adventure, Mr. Migzy is napping on his back!

2. Luna

Introducing the Jackapoo: A Poodle Hybrid with a Memorable Moniker
Source: @JessicaMayne

Little Luna is a sweet pooch with a super-loving family who recently had her DNA tested to find out what she is! The results are in, and Luna is approximately 50% Poodle, 41% Russel-type Terrier, and 8% Border Terrier. 

3. Pawson

Introducing the Jackapoo: A Poodle Hybrid with a Memorable Moniker
Source: @TalesOfPawson

This spunky Jackapoo lives in London, England, and was born in 2015. This almost 8-year-old Jackapoo is as energetic as ever and can’t get enough of the park, the beach, the snow, and long games of fetch!

4. Barkley

Introducing the Jackapoo: A Poodle Hybrid with a Memorable Moniker
Source: @Mr.Barkley.The.Jackapoo

A little brown dog with a whole lot of love to give, Barkley lives in Staffordshire, England where he gets to spend his days playing, napping, and showing off his fuzzy face. Born in 2020, this young man is quite dignified for such a young pup.

Jackapoo Basic Info

So, what is a Jackapoo, exactly? 

A Jackapoo is what you get when you cross a Jack Russell Terrier with a Poodle! Usually, this designer mix is 50% Jack Russel and 50% Poodle. Sometimes the other two terriers in the Jack Russel family (the Parson Russell Terrier and the Russell Terrier) may be in the mix as well, but Parson Russel and Russel Terriers are very uncommon– so the more readily available Jack Russel Terrier is typically used. 

The Poodle genes usually come from miniature Poodles, since they are close in size to the Jack Russell Terrier. Sometimes the toy size is used, but that is less common. No breed organization formally recognizes this designer cross, and many Jackapoos come from accidental litters or unethical breeding practices.

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Jackapoo Temperament

No two dogs are just alike, and a dog’s temperament is related to their genetics, their personal experiences, and their personality. While some traits are strongly linked to genetics (like the herding instinct of Border Collies,) we can really only make general temperament predictions based on a dog’s breed. Since Jackapoos combine Jack Russell Terriers and Poodles, let’s look at some of the key traits of both breeds.

Jack Russell Terriers: 

  • Energetic
  • Loyal
  • Stubborn


  • Intelligent
  • Loving
  • Playful

Jackapoo Size

Since Jackapoos don’t have a breed standard, it can be a little tough to figure out just how big they’re going to get. Jackapoos with toy or standard Poodle ancestry are going to be a little smaller or a little larger than most Jackapoos, which usually have miniature Poodles as their Poodle parent.

In general, Jackapoos are about 12-25 lbs and about 11-15 inches in height. Males get a little bigger than females do.

Jackapoo Health

Mixed breeds are less likely to inherit breed-specific and genetic health conditions than purebred dogs. However, there are health concerns that can affect your Jackapoo pup. Here are some conditions common in Jack Russell Terriers and Poodles.

  • Skin issues (e.g. allergies, infections)
  • Eye & vision problems
  • Bone & joint problems
  • Cushing’s Disease (a thyroid disease)

Where Can I Find Jackapoos for Sale Near Me?

Because Jackapoos are an entirely unregulated breed, it’s not a good idea to actively seek out breeders of this mix. Instead, if the Jackapoo is the breed for you, your best bet is to check local shelters and rescue groups. You may also want to look in rural shelters and rescues because Jack Russell Terriers are very common farm dogs. Jack Russell Terrier or Poodle-specific rescues can also be great resources for finding mixed breeds with this ancestry.

Source: @maxwell_b_m_

Jackapoo FAQs

Do you have any burning questions about the Jackapoo? Here are just a few of the most frequently asked questions that dog lovers have about this breed.

Do Jackapoos shed hair?

Yes. All dogs shed their hair; it is a myth that Poodles and their crossbreeds do not. Instead what happens is that a Poodle’s curly coat is so tight that while the hair sheds, it does not fall out and is trapped in the outer layer of hair. This can cause mating in Poodles and their crossbreeds if they are not brushed regularly.

Are Jackapoos good with cats?

Not usually. Jack Russell Terriers were bred as hunting dogs that chase small animals, and a high prey drive is very frequently found in terrier crossbreeds. A Jackapoo that is raised around cats might be ok with them, but you may find that your Jackapoo would much rather chase a cat than befriend one.

Are Jackapoos good with other dogs?

Yes. Both Jack Russell Terriers and Poodles get along well with other dogs. Their limitless energy levels mean that their best dog friends are other active breeds.

What is the average Jackapoo price?

Because this is a designer breed with very few breeders, you can expect to pay hundreds of dollars (if not more) to a Jackapoo breeder. The best price for one of these sweethearts is whatever your local shelter asks for as an adoption fee!

What is the best food for a Jackapoo? 

Jackapoos thrive when you feed them raw food, since it’s easy to digest, full of protein and fat, and excellent for fueling your pup’s energy. One of the best raw dog food brands available is We Feed Raw which offers a variety of recipes made from different protein sources.

How big do Jackapoos get?

Most Jackapoos are in the 12-25 pound range, and usually towards the smaller side of that; a 25-pound Jackapoo either has a large frame or standard Poodle ancestry. 

What are the best toys for Jackapoos?

Jackapoos love toys they can chase, chew, and shred. They are very intelligent and like to have all of their senses engaged in play, so puzzle toys, treat-dispensing toys, and snuffle mats are great options for them. 

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