Meet 10 Ultra Rare Doodles You Didn’t Even Know Existed!

We’re all familiar with the ever-popular Labradoodle – that adorable, shaggy-haired mix of a Labrador Retriever and Poodle. But did you know there’s a whole world of incredibly rare and unique Doodle breeds out there that make Labradoodles look totally bland? Forget what you think you know about Doodles, because this list proves just how creative and eclectic the “designer dog” phenomenon has become.

One huge selling point for Doodles is that they’re often hypoallergenic dream dogs. Thank the Poodle parent for passing along that glorious low-shedding coat to many of these mixes – music to allergy sufferers’ ears. But Doodles’ appeal goes way beyond just being sneeze-free. These smarty-pants pups tend to be total braniacs that pick up commands quicker than you can say “Sit, stay, high five!” Making them an awesome option for families with kids who need a well-behaved fur buddy.

In the personality department, Doodles are the total package. We’re talking friendly, lovable, snugglebug companions with enough energy and playfulness to keep the whole fam entertained, but the ability to just chill when it’s couch potato hour. Although every pup is different, Doodles broadly get two paws up for being great with children and fitting seamlessly into households with young’uns. Basically, they’re the ultimate versatile, allergy-friendly family dogs – as long as you can actually find your dream unicorn Doodle!

1. Bordoodle

Source: @AstroTheBordoodle

2. Bossi Poo

Source: @AimoTheBossiPoo_SidekickMauno

3. Boxerdoodle

Source: George Peters, Getty Image

4. Corgidoodle / Corgipoo

Source: @lokiithecorgipoo

5. Dalmadoodle

Source: @mazzi.joie

6. Doberdoodle


7. Great Danoodle


8. Jackapoo

Source: @TalesOfPawson

9. Papipoo

Source: @enzothepapipoo

10. Sheepadoodle

Source: @Bayley.Sheepadoodle